Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand Trucks

Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand TrucksWhen it comes to saving money within your production facility, versatility is one key factor that will help. Why spend money on six tools when a single adaptable, versatile tool can perform all six jobs? Sure, such a tool might be a little more expensive than your normal, run-of-the-mill tool, but it’s unlikely to cost as much as the six tools it replaces when added together.

When you’re moving small-to-medium sized items around, a hand truck is an invaluable piece of equipment. It negates the back-breaking effort required to move items by hand. However, there are many types of hand trucks, although the two most used models are:

  1. Toe plate hand truck

  2. Platform bed hand truck

Toe plate hand trucks are composed of a frame and a toeplate. Items are loaded and then stacked on the plate, which is then tipped back to facilitate easy transport. A platform bed hand truck has a much larger base and is ideal when you want to move a greater number of items around. A platform bed hand truck has the loading capacity of around three or four toe plate hand trucks.

Of course, during your typical work day, you’ll have tasks that need a toeplate hand truck, and tasks that need a platform bed hand truck, so you will need both types.

Wouldn’t it be easier – as well as cheaper – to have the best of both worlds? A hand truck that performs the duties of both a toeplate hand truck and a platform hand truck?

Wesco Spartan Convertible Hand Truck

Here at Douglas Equipment, we never really tire of telling our clients and customers about the many great qualities of the material handling equipment manufactured by Wesco International. Wesco is one of the world’s leading industrial, electrical and communications companies in the world, and they truly deserve all their success. If you buy an item manufactured by Wesco, then you’re almost guaranteed to be satisfied with your purchase.

There are two main models in the Spartan product line from Wesco – the Spartan Jr. and the Spartan Sr.

Beginning with the Spartan Jr. Economy Aluminum 2-in-1 Truck, this truck can be used as a typical, toe plate hand truck model, or a flat platform bed model. When the time comes to convert from the toe plate model to the platform model, the frame of the truck folds down to provide the platform for the flatbed configuration.

This Truck is Versatile, Resilient and Ultimately Reliable – Guaranteed!

The main traction for the truck is provided by two 10” wheels. These wheels are pneumatic, meaning you can safely negotiate the hand truck over all kinds of terrain, including debris-strewn floors and even outdoors (within reason – the truck would struggle over muddy, uneven terrain).

When the truck is in platform bed mode, two caster wheels are employed to help provide traction. These wheels are 5” in diameter and are made from non-marking material. They are swivel casters, which means your Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck will be easy to maneuver in whatever configuration you may use.

When in typical hand truck mode, the truck has a height of 52”, and a width of 22”. It also has a depth of 19”. The truck is manufactured purely from light, but strong aluminum, and has a capacity of 500 lbs. when in two-wheel mode, and 1,000 lbs. in four-wheel mode. The model comes with a 90-day warranty, so if for some unlikely reason your Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck fails, then the item can be replaced by an identical, brand new model with no issue.

Note that for studier applications this adaptable hand truck is available with rubber load-bearing wheels too.

The Wesco Spartan Junior Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck Has an Older Brother!

For larger loads and even more convenience, there’s the Wesco Spartan Senior Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck. This works just like its younger cousin, converting easily from a two-wheel configuration to a four-wheel configuration.

The Spartan Sr. has a height of 61.5”, a width of 22” and a depth of 19”. Again, made from high-strength yet light aluminum, this easy-to-maneuver hand truck has a weight of just 48 lbs.

The load capacities are the same as its younger brother – 500 lbs. in two-wheel configuration and 1,000 lbs. in four-wheel configuration – but because this truck is taller (two wheel mode) or lengthier (four wheel mode) you can load more items upon it as long as you do not exceed the recommended load capacity.

Just like the Wesco Spartan Jr. Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck this hand truck comes with either pneumatic or rubber wheels for main load bearing, and swivel-type casters for maneuverability.

Unlike the Jr. model this truck comes with a 90-day warranty (as opposed to sixty days) for extra piece of mind.

You Genuinely Cannot go Wrong With a Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck

When it comes to the adaptability of your fleet of hand trucks, selecting Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand Trucks as a major purchase is something of a no brainer. Not only do you get the flexibility of an adaptable hand truck, you also get cost savings, lower long-term maintenance costs and additional space in your warehouse. Admittedly, the Wesco Spartan Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck (whichever model you choose – Junior or Senior) is more expensive than a ‘standard’ hand truck or platform truck, but why buy two items when you can buy one that does two jobs?

If you’re unsure about which model to go for, then the team here at Douglas Equipment is available to help. Our sales support team are the true experts when it comes to all types of material handling equipment, and there’s no one better placed to help you make the best decision for your business. Call us today toll free at 1-800-451-0030, or use our online contact form.