Aluminum Hand Trucks: The Lightweight Alternative to Steel Hand Trucks

Aluminum Hand Trucks: The Lightweight Alternative to Steel Hand TrucksHand trucks are versatile pieces of material handling equipment. With a hand truck, a person can move objects both large and small with minimal trouble. A hand truck enables more efficient transport of materials and can help create a more productive work environment. However, using a hand truck still requires a person to operate it, which can tire out even the most energetic worker after an extended period of time. Steel hand trucks can be heavy and cumbersome. Aluminum hand trucks are becoming more popular and prevalent in the work and home environment. They are a great alternative to steel hand trucks.

At Douglas Equipment, we pride ourselves on having the most in depth experience and expertise our customers need. We’ve been in business since 1955 and sell a wide variety of both casters and material handling equipment that represents our vision of high quality tools at affordable prices. We believe that our products should be available to both industrial clients, such as hospitals, hotels and restaurants, and to residential clients who could also use the benefits of our products. We’re located in South Florida and that means that in addition to being able to ship anywhere in the United States, we’re able to ship quickly and conveniently to locations in the Caribbean as well as South America.

There are many great benefits to having an aluminum hand truck as opposed to a steel hand truck. Here are just a few.

  1. Lightweight – One of the most important benefits of an aluminum hand truck is its weight. An aluminum hand truck weighs far less that its steel counterpart. This can greatly increase productivity and efficiency. If a warehouse employee spends eight hours a day using a hand truck to load and unload inventory, he’ll be able to accomplish more with an aluminum cart because he will be using less energy and exerting himself far less. Pushing and pulling an aluminum cart will require less energy. Using a steel cart that weighs more will mean that an employee will become fatigued more quickly, need more breaks, and may not be able keep up in a fast paced warehouse environment.
  2. Reduced Risk of Injury – Aluminum carts tend to reduce the amount of work related accidents. While an aluminum cart still requires effort to use, it will cause far less harm to an employee than a steel hand truck would. This means your business has less on site injuries. That translates into savings because you won’t be paying out as many worker’s compensation claims. Additionally, less workplace accidents means you have a full staff at the job more often than not. A hurt worker is someone you’ll be paying for without them being able to contribute to the productivity of the office since they’ll be recuperating from their injuries.
  3. Less Expensive – The price of raw steel is more costly than aluminum. This means that, more likely than not, a steel hand truck will cost more than an aluminum one. Choosing an aluminum hand truck can help cut your bottom line without compromising your production deadlines.

Douglas Equipment recommends the following two types of aluminum hand trucks for our clients. We recommend these because they are convertible hand trucks, meaning they can be converted from a two wheel hand truck into a four wheel platform truck.

1. Spartan Economy Aluminum 2 in 1 Truck Model

These economy convertible trucks are highly affordable. Essentially, the Spartan line breaks down into senior and junior models. The senior models will provide a little more height and large wheels, but they both offer high capacities. Both trucks will accommodate 500 pounds when they are configured as a two-wheel hand truck and 1,000 pounds when they are converted into a four-wheel platform truck. The junior model has five-inch wheels while the senior model has ten-inch wheels. Both models have a pneumatic or solid rubber wheel option. Both wheel options ensure great floor protection and smooth transport. The pneumatic wheels are more appropriate in an environment where there is more risk on uneven flooring surface and shock impacts. Both carts weigh in the fifty to sixty pound range making these carts exceptionally user friendly.

2. Aluminum Cobra Convertible Truck Model

The aluminum cobra convertible is pricier than the Spartan economy line, but has a high weight capacity while simultaneously weighing less. As a two-wheel hand truck, these models will support up to 600 pounds and a four-wheel platform truck configuration has a maximum capacity of 1,200 pounds. Both the senior and junior models weigh less than forty two pounds. This is a significant design achievement for an aluminum hand truck. The key difference between the models is that the senior model is taller. Both models come with ten-inch pneumatic wheels.

Great Customer Consultation

The aluminum hand truck is a great ergonomic alternative to a heavier steel hand truck. However, we understand the reluctance some people may have when considering purchasing an aluminum hand truck. That’s why we have one of the best customer support staffs in the industry. We believe that it’s important that you have a great product, but that you also feel good about the purchase. A satisfied customer is the ultimate compliment in the business world and it’s also the best advertising.

We have a highly trained knowledgeable staff that will be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our aluminum hand trucks. We can help you identify the kind of hand truck you need by talking about your business expectations and needs. Our customer staff can also work with you if our standard models aren’t quite what you’re looking for and see about a more customized solution for you. Contact us today and let us help you find the aluminum hand truck that will work hard for you.