Cobra Lite Aluminum Hand Truck by Wesco Review

Cobra Lite Aluminum Hand Truck by Wesco ReviewDuring a long day on the job, one of the last things that any industrial worker wants to do is waste their energy lifting a particularly heavy hand truck around the facility. Indeed, that’s energy that should be conserved for actually doing the day’s work, rather than merely wrangling the facility’s equipment. The team at Wesco seems to understand this, and their lightweight Cobra-Lite hand truck seems to be evidence of that. The hand truck is light and compact, but heavy-duty enough to get any job done in short amount of time.

The Cobra-Lite Hand Truck: Plenty of Capacity to Manage Any Task

Despite the lightweight feel to Wesco’s Cobra-Lite line of hand trucks, these models are actually far more durable than initially assumed. It’s worth remembering that aluminum is one of the strongest materials used in today’s hand trucks. So even those that are a bit lighter than competing models will be able to carry heavy loads throughout the facility.

For each of the four models offered by Wesco in this series of hand trucks, the rated weight capacity reaches as high as 600 lbs. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at, as it makes these hand trucks some of the best on the market for a wide range of tasks and business needs. Even the company’s smaller models that start with the Series 410 model are able to lift a maximum of 600 lbs. and transport it with ease.

Highly Adaptable to Meet a Wide Range of Needs

Best of all, the Cobra-Lite series of hand trucks made by Wesco are not easily pigeonholed into performing just one task. The company has created a number of accessories that enhance and extend the functionality of these models. There are many competitors that design one type of hand truck for a specific need. With Wesco, you can interchange the parts of your hand truck to create the ideal handling equipment for your business needs. It’s the ideal hand truck for commercial businesses.

4 Types of Cobra Lite Aluminum Hand Trucks

The following selections come with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. Each Cobra –Lite Aluminum hand truck offers 10 different options.

  1. Series 240 – Model #: 420-T14-P
  2. Series 410 – Model #: 410-T14-P
  3. Series 450 – Model #: 450-T14-P
  4. Series 470 – Model #: 470-T14-P

How to Use Cobra’s Lite Aluminum Hand Truck for Commercial Use

Commercial businesses that use multi-level facilities will especially appreciate the stair glide that can be added to any of the four hand trucks in this lineup. For those with even greater needs, a stair climber accessory can be purchased from the company as well.

Top extension handles and an optional folding nose can be added to any of the four models sold by Wesco. You can purchase Mighty-Lite Stair Glide with or without wearstrips. The dimensions for this accessory are: 1.8 H x 17.5 D and comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

Choose Your Cobra Lite Handle

The type of handle you use to transport your material handling equipment around can make all the difference between a successful or catastrophic fail. Your handle gives you leverage. In some cases, you can use as much leverage as possible for places that don’t offer much room to maneuver around. You may also have oversize equipment to move, in which case a firm and stable grasp on the hand truck is critical.

Choose From the Following Cobra Lite Handles:

  • Red Continuous Handle
  • Twin Handle with Brace
  • Deep “D” Style handle

Choose Your Cobra Lite Aluminum Nose Plate

Wesco’s Cobra-Lite hand truck series offers a variety of nose plates for small and massive jobs. Select from the following

  • 20-inch Folding Nose
  • 30-inch Folding Nose
  • Extruded Nose Plate
  • Recessed Heel Nose Plate
  • M14 Cast Nose Plate
  • Cast Nose Plate

Choose Your Wheels!

The type of wheel you use also plays an important role in how well you’re able to move materials. Depending on the climate, the type of flooring you have will determine exactly what kind of wheel you’ll need. The Cobra-Lite Series has the following available for either one of their four hand trucks:

  • Moldon Rubber Wheel Kit
  • Semi-Pneumatic Wheel Kit
  • Solid Rubber Wheel Kit
  • Polyurethane Wheel Kit
  • Pneumatic Wheel Kit

Ask a Douglas Equipment customer service specialist to explain to you the differences between the 5 wheels and which ones are recommended for your environment and job application.

Create Your Own Hand Truck with Wesco!

As if those accessories weren’t a firm enough commitment to customizability, the company actually allows its customers to create their own customized hand truck for their needs. Basic limitations will still apply — most notable the 600-pound maximum weight limit — but the ability to create a custom model will attract the attention of many businesses owners with very specific needs.

At Douglas Equipment, We Offer the Cobra-Lite That You Need

Douglas Equipment is no stranger to the Cobra-Lite. In fact, it’s one of our more popular hand trucks for a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses. Our professional staff knows which of the company’s four models is best for each task, as well as which accessories should be bundled with the purchase. By contacting our toll-free number at 1-800-451-0330, we’ll be able to suggest the right kind of Cobra accessories in order to deliver the best model hand truck to your business. You can also contact us online today!