Specialized Casters for Modern Furniture

Specialized Casters for Modern FurnitureMobility In All Areas

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, more and more people are tending towards more opportunities for mobility. This even applies to home, business and office furnishings. Whether there are items that need to be mobile as part of their working function or not, adding casters can greatly modernize almost any piece of furniture. Casters can make furniture mobile for a variety of reasons. Certain pieces need to be made mobile because it increases the usability, but these days having the ability to maneuver furniture to change the setting or simply rearrange a living room in a speedier fashion can complement people’s busy lifestyles. Also, the addition of casters can modernize not only the functionality of furniture, but it can also modernize the look.

Adding An Element of Distinction

It is amazing the aesthetic difference a small detail can make. A visible caster can make a piece of furniture look streamlined or it can have a special look that adds an element of surprise.  In fact, with a variety of attachment mechanisms, materials, wheel materials, colors and more, the possibilities are almost endless. There are also additional functional characteristics that can be considered that can aid in the usefulness of the casters. For example, casters with brakes can be extremely beneficial to have on pieces of furniture that need to be at times mobile and at other times securely stable.

A Different Aesthetic Approach

Another option to consider is to think outside of the box when choosing a certain caster that offers a particular aesthetic. Certain casters can certainly have a more industrial appearance, but that can lend a fresh modern look to certain furniture that would otherwise be on other types of casters. This approach can lend itself to the design element of letting the details take the lead. And with the number of options and potential combinations available there are choices for every situation, environment and circumstance. No matter the specifics, there is a caster that is best suited to your needs.

A Basic Understanding

Having a basic knowledge of the different types of casters available can greatly enhance the decision making process.  And comparing the types of casters available to the specific environment for which you need casters can make the match one that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are some basic characteristics of a caster that it is important to be aware of, knowing that most elements can be changed so as to have a near custom caster from the basic options. The science of matching caster characteristics and design elements to specific environmental conditions can be a rewarding experience.

Standard Options

One of the first things to consider when beginning the decision-making process is to ask what is the load that needs to be made mobile? This will help to determine the first category of caster division. Most casters are available in light, medium and heavy. These categories refer not to the weight of the actual caster, but to the weight load capacity that each caster is designed to carry.  Another thing to consider is what exactly the caster needs to be attached to, as this will determine the attachment mechanism that needs to be selected. There are a variety of options available in each weight category. Some of the attachment mechanism options include: top plate, top plate swivel, kingpinless top plate, threaded stem, square stem, stainless steel, expanding adapter stem, grip ring stem, pipe thread stem, and modular stem. Each of these different attachment methods has their individual benefits and therefore, the selection should be carefully considered in light of the conditions and aesthetic desired.

Further Options

Specialized Casters for Modern Furniture 2Another characteristic to take into consideration is the material of the wheel and the type and size of tread of the wheel. There are many different options available. For example for light and medium casters some of the options of wheel material and tread type include Performa Rubber with flat tread, Polyolefin, Hi-tech Polyurethane, Cushion Rubber, and Hard Rubber. For the heavier category, casters that will be required to carry a heavier load, there are also a wide variety of options available which can include: Performa Conductive Round, Polyolefin, Maxim, Hi-Temp Thermo, Polyurethane Hi-Tech, Phenolic and Cast Iron. Additionally, there are options on the size of tread within some material varieties. The variance usually ranges from 7/8” tread to 1 and ½” tread. In addition to the options available within the standard categories, there are also specialized casters that are designed with specific purposes in mind. For example, some of the specialty options may include: rug runner casters, glass cutting table casters, spring loaded door casters, gravity concealed side mount casters, lock ladder casters, die-cast aluminum leveling casters, high-capacity and low overall height extrathane casters.

Expert Guidance and Assistance

With all the available options, the choice can be a challenging one. However, the process can also be a fun one. Knowing that there are many available options and narrowing down the options until you find the perfect one that is suitable for both the function and the aesthetics desired, can be a successful feeling. We at Douglas Equipment understand that with the many different options, the choice can be overwhelming and therefore, we utilize our near sixty years in the industry to help you to make the best and most informed decision possible. We can help you to determine what environment conditions are most important for you to consider and which ones are in direct relationship to certain characteristics on the individual caster. We also pride ourselves in having a great in-stock selection and the best prices in the industry so as to make your shopping experience easy, efficient and speedy.

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