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Unhooded Soft Tread Twin Wheel Grip Ring and Grip Neck Stem Models


  • Soft 70-75/A durometer tread constructed of high-tech thermoplastic elastomer
  • High load ratings
  • Quiet mobility
  • Riveted axle for positive wheel retention
  • Floor protective and non-marking


  •  Store Fixtures
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Medical Equipment


  • Fastenings: Threaded Stems, Grip Neck Stems, Grip Ring Stems and Top Plates
  • Brakes: Available for all models
  • Finishes: Black, Grey
Wheel Diameter Tread Material Finish Dynamic Load Mounting Height Swivel Radius Part Number
50mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Black 75 2-1/4" 1-13/16" PUT50302BK PUT50223BK PUT50211BK PUT50273BK
50mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Grey on Grey 75 2-1/4" 1-13/16" PUT50302GR PUT50223GR PUT50211GR PUT50273GR
60mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Black 100 2-5/8" 2-1/16" PUT60302BK PUT60223BK PUT60211BK PUT60273BK
60mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Grey on Grey 100 2-5/8" 2-1/16" PUT60302GR PUT60223GR PUT60211GR PUT60273GR
75mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Black 165 3-1/4" 2-1/2" PUT75302BK PUT75223BK PUT75211BK PUT75291BK PUT75242BK
75mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Grey on Grey 165 3-1/4" 2-1/2" PUT75302GR PUT75223GR PUT75211GR PUT75291GR PUT75242GR
100mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Black 175 4-3/8" 3-5/8" PUT100223BK PUT100291BK PUT100211BK
100mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Grey on Grey 175 4-3/8" 3-5/8" PUT100223GR PUT100291GR PUT100211GR
125mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Black 180 5-7/16" 4-1/2" PUT125291BK PUT125211BK
125mm Thermoplastic Elastomer Grey on Grey 180 5-7/16" 4-1/2" PUT125291GR PUT125211GR

Brake Options

Grip Ring Grip Neck Lock

Wheel Selection