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What are the different types of medium casters?

What are the different types of medium casters?When it comes to classifying medium casters, many people simply assume that one type of caster can (and does) perform all jobs. This, however, is not the case, as medium casters come in a number of different types and can even be paired with different kinds of wheels. It is this diversity of caster and wheel type that allows medium caster wheels to be so versatile in industrial, medical, and even educational environments.

Medium Casters with a “Stem”

Perhaps the most popular form of medium caster is the kind that comes with a built-in stem. This “stem,” as it is called, is designed to allow the caster to easily fit into equipment that was designed for caster wheels in the first place. The stem slips into a pre-drilled shaft where it locks into place and allows the equipment to be made mobile in a matter of seconds.

These stems aren’t all the same, however, and they come in a number of varieties designed to meet the needs of many types of equipment. One of the most popular “stem” types is the threaded stem, which allows the caster wheel to be threaded into a piece of equipment and lock into place as it is inserted.

Beyond this type of medium caster, square and round stems are also offered. Expanding adapter stems are another popular option for medium casters, allowing the stem length to vary according to the user’s need during the installation process.

Foregoing the Stem and Choosing a “Top Plate” Caster

While popular, a stem-based caster is not the only option available to industrial professionals. Some equipment simply does not sip with the ability to support such stems, and these types of equipment will require a caster with a “top plate.” Simply enough, these casters offer a flat metal plate on top; that plate can be used to bolt the caster to the bottom of industrial, medical, or other equipment.

These top plate casters are a great way to turn previously-immobile equipment into something that is far more portable. They’re also a great way to replace existing medium casters with a more reliable and durable product after several years of wear and tear.

Wheel Types: Plenty of Options for Medium Casters

One of the things that really characterizes medium casters is their support for a wide variety of wheel types. Most people choose between flat and round treads, and between conductive or non-conductive wheels. A smaller minority choose things like cast iron wheels, polyurethane varieties, or even high-tech rubber implementations that provide durability as well as silent performance.

Each type of wheel has an ideal use, and most medium caster wheels are designed to be high-performance and low-disruption in every operating environment. That means they’re hard enough to roll smoothly, but soft enough to limit noise and rattling on uneven surfaces or chaotic medical environments.

Medium Casters: Not Your Everyday Wheel

Medium casters are one of the most flexible and adaptable industrial products available. Their wide variety of attachment types and wheel types allows them to meet the needs of any environment, be it medical, educational, or industrial, and their high level of affordability allows them to be deployed virtually anywhere for very little relative cost. In most circles, that’s known as a “win-win.” Industrial professionals who are looking for their own “win-win” should get in touch with Douglas Equipment immediately, in order to begin the quoting and ordering process that will greatly enhance mobility and fit into virtually any budget.