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Shepherd Casters for Chairs

Shepherd Casters for ChairsMost office workers, and those who manage industrial environments, have a schematic list of things that annoy them about their job. Sometimes that list might include an annoying boss or a lazy coworker, but those things are subjective and rare. What the list almost always includes is an office chair that has stopped rolling on its casters efficiently. While that might seem like a relatively minor problem, it’s actually not minor at all. Indeed, the inability to effectively position a chair and move it at will can lead to ergonomic and comfort issues in the workplace.

To avoid long days of immobility and annoying interaction with the standard office chair, office, and industrial business owners should consider Shepherd Casters for chairs. These replacement casters can take the frustration out of getting up for a coffee break, allowing a chair to regain the trust and satisfaction of the worker who has to sit in it during regular business hours.

Perfect for a Wide Variety of Environments

One thing that sets Shepherd Casters apart from the competition is the company’s understanding of the typical office environment. Many companies sell a standard replacement caster that is simply designed to work on all surfaces. While they’re often sold as multi-purpose, multi-surface casters, the truth behind these options is that they work efficiently only on carpeted or non-carpeted floors. In other environments, they’ll catch, sleep, and be virtually useless as a replacement for an existing set of failing casters.

Shepherd Casters understands the futility of replacing an annoying set of existing casters with an annoying set of new ones. And, for that reason, the company offers two different types of wheels based on where they’re being used. For office workers in carpeted environments, the company sells a line of wheels made with a nylon thread. That allows the casters to “catch” the carpeting, moving the chair efficiently instead of sliding over the top of the carpeting.

For those in industrial environments or offices where harder surfaces are used, Shepherd Casters employs a urethane tread. This tread has a bit more grip to it than the nylon alternative for carpeted environments, ensuring that the chair will roll into place rather than sliding back and forth throughout the day.

For the Office Speed Demon, a Set of Brakes

Unlike many major suppliers of casters, Shepherd Casters ships a line of replacement models that feature decompression brakes. This is especially useful in environments where chairs need to stay in place as a safety precaution — medical environments being chief among them. With a good set of brakes and the right tread for the job, workers everywhere will find that sitting down can reclaim a few of its relaxing properties pretty quickly.

Douglas Equipment Has the Casters You’re Looking For

One of our primary niches is supplying a wide range of casters to businesses, including those intended for chairs. To end office frustrations and enjoy a great new set of wheels, be sure to contact us today and speak to one of our professionals.