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Load Capacity for Casters

Load Capacity for CastersBefore shopping for new ora replacement casters, customers should be aware that not all of these wheels are created equally. All too often, people assume that a wheel is simply a wheel, and that it will be able to easily function in any application. This could not be further from the truth, however. Casters are sold based on a maximum rated weight capacity, and this determines exactly where they’re useful. Light casters are good for rolling furniture, while heavier casters need to be purchased for industrial equipment or heavier uses.

Before setting out to buy new casters, it’s essential to understand whether or not that caster’s capacity will deliver the needed protection and performance desired. It’s therefore quite important to understand the three groups of caster weight capacities commonly sold by suppliers.

Light Casters and the Plight of Office Furniture

Entry-level casters are designed to supper pretty light loads, and are therefore a great option for office environments and other places where desks or chairs need to be pretty mobile. Lightweight casters begin with a relatively light capacity of just 75 pounds, making them perfect for some office furniture or movable carts, but not so good for chairs and heavier equipment.

At the high end, lighter-rated casters can support up to 145 pounds, and this is where they become useful for heavier office desks, office chairs, and other equipment that weighs a bit more than a mere 75 pounds. For even heavier loads, buyers will need to move to a higher weight class.

Medium-Duty Casters are Perfect for Light Industrial Equipment

Medical and commercial customers who need to make lightweight equipment mobile will appreciate medium-duty casters. The weight capacity assigned to these casters generally maxes out around 325 pounds. This makes it perfect for things like hospital beds or medical carts that carry a few lighter equipment items. These casters are also an excellent fit for industrial customers who use carts to transport materials and liquids throughout their facility.

Medium-weight casters are probably the most popular of the three weight classes, but they’re still not ideal for seriously heavy applications. When 325 pounds is still too small of a load, it’s time to move up to heavy-duty casters for maximum flexibility.

For Serious Load Capacities, a Heavy-Duty Caster is a Necessity

Finally, casters for major industrial applications should be considered heavy-duty. The load capacity assigned to these casters generally begins at around 1,250 pounds. That makes these casters perfect for heavier medical equipment and some pieces of industrial machinery.

While this is already a pretty high weight rating, heavy duty casters can hold as much as 8,000 pounds in some cases. As always, it’s important to know the caster’s limitations before buying in order to make sure that its weight capacity matches the equipment that it will be required to move.

Douglas Equipment Knows Casters

For the best experience when purchasing casters, look no further than Douglas Equipment. Our vast experience in this area allows us to recommend the right load capacity for virtually every piece of equipment and consideration. Contact us today and we’ll recommend the right caster for every situation.