Wholesale Pricing on Shepherd Casters for Warehouses

Wholesale Pricing on Shepherd Casters for WarehousesIn order to help our customers find the right caster to suit their needs, the team at Douglas Equipment works with many different caster manufacturers. By doing so we have access to many unique and specialized casters from some of the top caster companies in the world. However, one of our most common suppliers is Shepherd Casters. This reliable company has been a leading designer of cutting edge mobility solutions for a variety of OEM markets and applications for over 55 years.

Shepherd makes a wide variety of casters for many different uses. Shepherd casters are found throughout a variety of industries including medical, business machines, furniture, store fixtures and institutional. Shepherd finds pride in their exemplary design, manufacturing, quality and service. With this wide range of experience, Shepherd has long been a benchmark for quality and design in the caster industry.

Here is just a small sample of the many different casters that Shepherd produces that might suit your needs in any warehouse situation. But remember, this is far from all of the casters offered by this exceptional manufacturer of durable quality casters.

Light-Duty Casters for Office and Indoor Use

Many caster applications require light-duty casters to perform the job, and Shepherd has many that will perform the job quite well. If you are looking for chair or office equipment casters, casters for carts and trolleys or other indoor applications that have lighter loads per caster, you will likely find what you need from Shepherd. Here are a few light-duty casters from Shepherd:

  • Shepherd Metal Tread Ball: These all metal swivel casters are great for carpeted floors and come in three sizes with a 40 – 100 pound dynamic load capacity. The classic design of these casters is seen on many office furnishings. They include all metal wheels and come in finishes of Bright Brass, Bright Chrome and Windsor Antique.
  • Shepherd Soft Tread Ball: Similar in design to the Metal Tread Ball listed above, this is a classic design for office furnishings of all types. They also hold dynamic loads from 40 – 100 pounds, but the difference is they include a rubber tread material, which is great for use on hard tile floors. These casters are available in Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome, Windsor Antique, and Unfinished.
  • Shepherd Pacer Twin Wheel: These two-wheel swivel casters come in two sizes taking loads from 75 – 100 pounds and come in a Flat Black, Satin Chrome, Windsor Antique, Bright Chrome, and Brass Plate finishes. The caster can also include a brake in the design if required for your application. They include wheel material options of Nylon or Urethane tread material, which is ideal for tile floor applications.
  • Shepherd Omega with MonoTech wheels: The Shepherd Omega series of caster have fully heat treated precision ball bearing wheels for an easy smooth and quiet rollability. With high luster chrome or black finish, these casters look as great as they perform. The wheels roll over obstacles with ease, will not flat spot, are excellent on any floor type, and reject floor debris including metal shavings and glass. The MonoTech Donut or Flat wheels provide ultimate floor protection and a quiet, cushioned ride. Wheel diameters available are 3” with load capacity of 110 for the MonoTech wheels.

Medium-Duty to Heavy-Duty Casters for More Robust Uses

Bigger jobs call for bigger casters that can take the weight and abuse that is thrown at them. Shepherd has some really heavy-duty casters that can take loads up to 3000 pounds. Some models include options that can even take punishing conditions like chemical exposure, extreme temperatures and high humidity environments. If you have an extreme condition in your unique task, Shepherd likely has a caster that will meet your needs.

  • Shepherd Bassick Honcho OS/OR Series: Perfect for power-towed applications, terminal trucks, or other heavy, abusive applications, this heavy duty caster is built to take a lot of abuse and carry a lot of weight while remaining strong and dependable. Caster capacities range from 1500 – 1750 pounds for the larger loads you need to move. Wheel material options include Urethane on Aluminum or steel, and come in wheel diameters of 5”, 6” and 8”.
  • Shepherd Institutional Series: These RoHS compliant and NSF listed casters are constructed of high strength steel for added durability and a raceway dust cap for increased caster lift and performance. Dual ball bearing raceways and zinc finish provide excellent durability. Brake options include tread lock brakes, total lock brakes, direction lock brakes, top lock brakes and PAT/PAD brakes. Conductive wheels are available and provide good floor protection, non-marking, durability, cushioned ride, and chemical resistance.
  • Shepherd Bassick Honcho HA-HB: These swivel casters have wheel diameters of 5”, 6” and 8” and tread width of 2-1/2”. They hold great dynamic loads of 1750 – 3000 pounds and have Cast Iron, Steel, and V-Groove wheel materials to choose from. This makes them a good choice for soft floors, but a poor choice for tile.

Access to the Many Shepherd casters with One of a Kind Exceptional Customer Service

Douglas Equipment conducts a substantial amount of business with Shepherd Caster Corporation, so we are able to receive wholesale pricing and can pass these savings onto our customers. We have been in the material handling equipment and quality caster business for almost 60 years. In this time, our dedicated service team members have gained the knowledge and insight needed to help you find the right caster for your specific needs. We are confident that we can help you find the right type of caster at a price that is affordable.

We can be contacted online and one of our service team members will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions. If you are local to Miami you can call us at 305-888-3700, and national customers can call us toll free at 800-451-0030. We are ready to serve you with the highest quality casters at wholesale prices.