Wholesale Casters Wheels and Material Handling Equipment

Wholesale Casters Wheels and Material Handling EquipmentWhen people hear the word “wholesale” they may immediately think of the word “cheaper.” Unfortunately, the word “cheaper” can sometimes be equated to “poor quality.” While it is true you sometimes get what you pay for, that’s not the case when it comes to wholesale casters.

Wholesale is simply about buying directly from a manufacturing chain without the need of a retailer. Retailers have to charge more to cover the logistics expenses among other things. Wholesalers do not have to do this – plus if you buy from a wholesaler you are typically buying in bulk saving more money on the unit price.

Here are a few of the casters, wheels and material handling equipment manufacturers you can purchase from the team at Douglas Equipment.

·Colson Casters

We consider this company to be the absolute leader when it comes to casters. What is our evidence for this? They’ve been in business since 1885, so surely they must be doing something right! Colson Casters come with a superb and well-earned reputation, and no matter your application, they are bound to have a model of caster that will suit your needs.

·Wesco International

At Douglas Equipment, we could be accused of eternally championing the products of Wesco. Wesco started their business as part of a different company, but quickly severed the strings and forged ahead on their own. Wesco now has several divisions. One that’s most likely to appeal to you is the range of superb material handling equipment the company manufactures. In short, if you need to get any item from point A to point B, then Wesco will have the definitive piece of material handling equipment for you!

·Shepherd Casters

While not having quite the range of their sister company Colson, Shepherd’s exemplary casters will still be ideal for you if you’re looking for the standard, general-duty casters. They’re the ideal choice if you are looking for casters for office equipment, for example. All of the casters that Shepherd manufactures can be sold with optional extras such as brakes, locks, and guards.


Morse has been contributing to the material equipment handling business since 1923.While Morse manufactures many types of material handling equipment, it is the drum handling equipment side of things where they really excel. Morse offers drum dollies, hand-trucks, drum lifters, and drum forklift attachments. If you need to handle drums safely and effectively, then Morse is the company to choose.

Not Sure Which Manufacturer to Choose? Reach out to Douglas Equipment for Help

These are just only four of the superb companies we can supply items from for your business. We acquire our supply from a wide array of other manufacturers. If you are short for casters, wheels and material handling equipment, we are sure to be able to source exactly what you need.

To learn even more, calla member of our dedicated and experienced support team at 1-800-451-0030. You can also contact us at any time by using the online contact form available on our website.