Top 3 Casters to Buy for Warehouses Near the Ocean

Companies who own warehouses near the ocean have their own set of circumstances to consider when they deal with the day-to-day basics of their operation. The most obvious aspect is of course, water! It’s not as if warehouses are based right on the shoreline, and the waves lapping at the door are a daily problem, but seaside locations are typically more prone to watery intrusions than operations further inland.

Additionally, businesses located near the ocean are prone to ‘micro-climates’ that inland areas do not have to contend with. The presence of the ocean seems to make the weather colder in the winter months, and hotter in the summer months. Ocean-based regions also seem to have higher amounts of rainfall than inland areas, so rain and temperature extremes can be an issue for warehouses near the ocean.

Here we’ve select three casters that are suitable for companies with premises near the ocean

1.The Colson Casters Enforcer 4 Series Kingpinless

Colson Casters has been in business a very long time – over one 100years in fact. To remain in business for so long, you need to be good at what you do, and the team at Colson Casters is very good at supplying reliable casters to businesses all across the USA.

For warehouses near the ocean, we recommend Colson’s Enforcer 4 Series Kingpinless caster.

4 Series

This caster has an attractive, zinc-plated finish and a full, single-ball hardened raceway. The formed front fork legs feature robotic welding, with a half-in hollow axle with lock nut and grease zerk. For roller bearing models, the caster comes complete with a plastic retainer washer. All swivel models are supplied with a 5/16 of an inch top plate made from steel, and for rigid models, the top plate is manufactured from ¼” steel.

The real quality aspect of this series of casters is the patented ‘Colson 45’ grease that provides lubrication for the caster. This grease is highly effective in both hot and cold environments, and in extreme weather conditions – ideal for ocean-based warehouses as it means your casters will keep rolling no matter the weather!

Performa Wheels

The casters come supplied with Colson’s ‘Perfoma’ wheels. This wheel features maximum effectiveness in all climates, is capable of dealing with low temperatures, and is resistant to all types of chemicals, plus water and steel. It’s also a very quiet wheel, and will not damage the floors it is used upon.

2.The Shepherd Casters Institutional Caster

Shepherd Casters consider themselves the number one caster manufacturer in the USA, and real innovators. For warehouses near the ocean where a medium-to-heavy duty factor really does come into play, the Shepherd Industrial Series should be the caster you consider.

This is the most expansive medium-to-heavy duty product line that Shepherd produces. This caster is made from high-strength steel to increase durability and longevity. Unless your applications require an excessive amount of heavy-duty action, then this caster should really fulfill all your needs.

As well as being constructed from high-strength steel, this caster comes with a raceway dust cap that’s designed to increase caster life and to max out performance. If you’re near the ocean, then wind-blown debris might be an issue you encounter on a daily basis. The dust cap will help to keep your caster rolling. For extra protection from debris, full and partial thread guard options are available.

The Details

The caster comes complete with a durable zinc finish, a dual-ball bearing raceway and a 3/8” diameter nut and bolt axle. The caster comes with a number of suitable tread types, including polyolefin, hard rubber, monotech, pneumatic and semi-pneumatic. No matter your particular application, there’s bound to be an option to suit.

3. Blickle LKR Series Heavy Duty Casters with Blickle Extrathane

Blickle is one of the leading caster manufacturers worldwide, and we are proud that they allow us to offer their wide range of products to our customers. The company has been in business since 1953, and is one of the biggest caster manufacturers in the world in terms of range and volume. They also have an excellent reputation for the quality of the casters that they manufacture.

Blickle offers a wide variety of the specific type of casters if your working environment is close to the ocean. As a starting point, for medium-to-heavy duty, here at Douglas Equipment we recommend their LKR series.

Blickle’s LKR Series

The LKR series features a bracket made of heavy-pressed steel, complete with a double ball bearing contained within the swivel head for extra mobility and durability. It features a strong central kingpin, with a unique ball disc and special top-plate design offering extra ball protection. Blickle’s trademark riveting procedure will result in minimal swivel head play, and a smooth rolling action, meaning your caster-mounted items will be easy to both start and continue in motion. For extra safety, the bracket can be fitted with a ‘stop-fix’ brake to lock the wheel in place.

You have just as many choices when it comes to the wheel – but we recommend the ALTH series which features the high-quality ‘Bickle Extrathane’ polyurethane elastomer tread. The core is made of die-cast aluminum, which provides lightness without compromising on strength, which makes it an extremely versatile option for multiple applications.

For Expert Advice Contact the Team at Douglas Equipment

Your company may have multiple locations that aren’t near the ocean, perhaps in multiple unique climates. If this is the case, you will need to consider all of the options available to you before deciding which kind of caster to purchase.

To help you make the correct decision for your company, feel free to reach out to our team at Douglas Equipment. You can speak to one of our caster experts at any time. We’ll cure any headaches you might have about deciding on the type of caster that’s best suited for you and your company.

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