Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Caster WheelsConsidering casters for jobs that require high capacities not only means the user should consider the mechanical design, i.e. whether the caster should have a swivel base or a rigid plate, whether it should or shouldn’t have a kingpin, and whether the caster should have ball bearings or roller bearings.  One of the most basic considerations for a caster that moves a large amount of weight is the wheel.  For casters that have to carry at least 1,000 lbs., it is important to consider a number of things about the wheel.  Not only does the wheel have to have the ability to withstand the weight, but an accurate understanding of the flooring surface and working environment must be taken into account.  What wheel can work on the floor?  Does the wheel have to be quiet or is noise not a factor?

When people in South Florida think about casters and material handling equipment, they think about Douglas Equipment.  We are a large provider of casters and material handling equipment and have been at it for almost 60 years. We started in 1955 and have built up an extensive knowledge on a wide range of material handling products over the years.  We service both industrial clients such as hospitals, restaurants, and hotels as well as residential clients.  We believe that everybody needs casters, even if it’s something as simple as moving a stack of boxes.  We ship our products all over the United States and since we are located in South Florida, quick shipping to locations in the Caribbean and South American is not a problem.

We’ve designed a number of casters including the ES/ER Series, the HA/HB Series and the 8 series.  They’re all great in their own way, and they all handle capacities over 1,000 lbs.  Today, let’s not talk about the actual caster, let’s talk about the wide range of wheel options you have for large capacities.

1.    Hard or Soft Rubber – This wheel is one of the cornerstones of caster wheels.  When people picture a wheel on a handtruck or a moving platform, they think of this and with good reason.  The great feature of this wheel is the fact that it has a highly durable tread and it offers good floor protection.  By floor protection, we mean that the caster wheels will not scuff, scratch or otherwise damage the flooring surface, whatever that surface may be.  This type of caster is great for transporting large loads relatively quietly without making a mess.  It has a temperature range of -20 degrees F to 160 degrees F which makes it great for normal working conditions.

2.    Phenolic Resin – The phenolic resin wheel is a wheel with a resin shell that is filled with macerated fabric.  While this may not sound very rugged, it actually is.  It’s highly impact resistant.  It’s also resistant to moisture such as water and steam.  Additionally, it won’t be corroded by many chemicals found in various working environments.  It’s quieter than a steel or aluminum wheel and offers great flooring surface protection.  Plus, its design gives it a – 45 degrees to 250 degrees F temperature range.  This can really help if you find yourself doing work in extreme temperatures.

3.    Urethane on Aluminum (Honcho) – While this wheel comes with a really eye-catching blue color, don’t think it’s just a fashion statement.  The material this wheel is made of is a unique urethane formulation that is intermeshed with a special designed interlocking system.  The urethane formulation makes its highly resistant to grease, oil, hazardous chemicals and moisture.  The ruggedness of the design means the wheel can’t be chipped, or cut.  It also features a very high load capacity.  You’ll see this wheel on casters that can hold 6,000 lbs.

4.    SteelSteel is one of the best materials to be used for caster wheels.  It’s almost unbreakable.  It can take an amazing amount of abuse whether it is shock or a high capacity. However, it’s important to note that this wheel should not be used in environments where flooring protection or noise are concerns because steel wheels can scratch and scuff floors that are made of tile and wood.  However, these wheels are excellent in warehouse and other heavy industrial environments.

5.    Cast Iron –Much like steel, this is an extremely useful wheel in a warehouse or industrial environment.  It is not quite as abuse resistant as steel, but it’s still great for high load capacities and sharp impacts.

6.    V-Groove – This wheel will require a commitment on the owner’s part.  In order to use a V-groove wheel, you must have an inverted angle iron track that the wheel can move on in your facility.  Typically, this would mean a production line in a heavy industrial environment.  These wheels are designed for some of the heaviest weight capacities out there and the wheels themselves have reinforced stress points where the load capacity is highest.  While the investment for the v-groove system is high, the ability to move heavy objects may be worth it.

7.    Performa RubberPerforma rubber is a wheel made from a chemical compound.  This wheel resembles a hard tread wheel in performance and transport.  It’s quiet and rugged.  And it also mimics a soft tread wheel in the way it protects a flooring surface from being scuffed or scratched.

8.    Moldon Rubber – This wheel’s name is remarkably close to being its description.  Moldon rubber is a rubber that has been bonded to an iron core.  The rubber wheel has the same features as a hard rubber wheel:  it rolls smoothly and quietly while protecting the floor.  However, by being bonded to an iron core, this wheel is highly resistant to shock and vibration.

9.    PolyurethanePolyurethane wheels are designed from the polyurethane chemical compound.  Think skateboard wheels.  It’s an extremely tough wheel that is tough to chip or cut.  It’s very resistant to the type of damages that would cause chunks of the wheel to be damaged.  The wheel is also extremely resistant to liquids such as grease, oil, solvents, chemicals, and moisture.  Our high capacity wheels are either bonded to an iron core or a polyolefin core.

High Capacity Customer Service

This is just the beginning of the type of wheels we can put on your casters to help transport your high capacity loads safely and efficiently.  If the above options don’t intrigue you, we have a dedicated customer support staff that will be happy to talk with you about your business needs and expectations.  We’re confident we can find a product that works for you at a price that will not make you run the other way. Contact us today!