The Best Bulk Pricing on Shepherd and Colson Series Casters

The Best Bulk Pricing on Shepherd and Colson Series CastersDouglas Equipment works with over a dozen different caster suppliers to make sure that we have access to the best casters for each of the unique needs that our customers bring to us on a daily basis. In this way we can always find the right caster for the task at hand when our customers call with questions about material handling equipment. However, two of these caster manufacturers are the main go-to suppliers that we consider: Shepherd Caster Corporation and Colson Caster Corporation.

Due to the fact that we do so much of our business with Shepherd and Colson, we have been able to secure fantastic prices on the products we purchase from these two quality caster manufacturers. This is where you can gain a double benefit from dealing with Douglas Equipment, which includes both lower pricing through our unique relationship with these caster manufacturers and the knowledge and expertise that comes with almost 60 years of experience working with quality casters and material handling equipment. We can help you find the right caster for your unique needs at a price that is affordable for you.


Shepherd Caster Corporation: Innovation in Motion

Shepherd Caster has been a leading designer of cutting edge mobility solutions for a variety of OEM markets and applications for over 55 years. Shepherd casters are found throughout a variety of industries including medical, institutional, store fixtures, furniture and business machines. With this quality and experience, Shepherd has long been a benchmark for quality and design in the caster industry. Shepherd finds pride in their exemplary design, manufacturing, quality and service. A few Shepherd casters that we most often sell include:

  • Shepherd Baron Series: These light-duty casters from Shepherd have double ball Bearing Raceways for smooth motion, and are ideal for furniture, fixtures, medical equipment and office equipment. The 2″ Model is heat treated for better wear, has a hard synthetic spherical Polyolefin wheel, and the finish options are Bright Chrome, Metalized Brass, and Windsor Antique for a very pleasing look. The units can even be RoHS complaint upon request.
  • Shepherd Z Series Composite Institutional Swivel Top Plate Direction Lock: These light to medium-duty casters from Shepherd are designed for institutional use with a dual ball bearing raceway construction and a labyrinth raceway seal to keep out moisture and dirt. It’s great for medical equipment, computer carts, utility carts, store fixture and foodservice equipment. These casters have a sleek design, strong and durable glass filled nylon body and sealed precision wheel bearing. This model incorporates a total lock as well as a directional lock. All stainless steel component versions are also available. It is available in 5” and 6” wheel sizes with dynamic loads of 280 – 300 pounds respectively.
  • Bassick Honcho HS/HR Series: This heavy-duty caster is built by Shepherd to carry a large amount of weight while remaining strong and dependable. These heavy-duty casters are perfect for terminal trucks, power-towed applications, or other heavy and abusive applications such as those seen in the moving industry. Wheels are 2-1/2” wide and come in material options including Urethane on Aluminum, wheel diameters of 6”, 8” and 10”, and a capacity of 1750 pounds for moving larger loads.


Colson Caster Corporation: Defining Innovation

Colson Casters has been providing state-of-the-art industrial casters, both swivel and rigid, since 1885. Their commitment to caster technology and customer service has made Colson a leader in the entire caster industry. They have over 200,000 parts in their catalogue, with easy configuration options and an industry leading 3 year warranty. Colson is one of the most trusted names in both casters and wheels. Manufactured in the USA in Arkansas, Colson remains committed to keeping as much manufacturing local as is possible. In this way, Colson can ensure the highest quality products and provide flexible and rapid reaction to any problems.

  • Series 2 Casters with ThermoTech Wheels: These light-duty wheels provide quiet rolling and non-marking floor protection and they can handle the heat. All casters are made with a zinc-plated finish that is attractive and durable, full double ball bearing raceways for better performance and greater durability. The series 2 caster comes with the mounting options of top plate mounting or different thread mounting designs. Wheel sizes range from 2 ½” to 5” with load capacities from 125 – 325 pounds. ‘Colson 45’ multi-temp grease lubricates these casters in extreme hot and cold temperatures for greater convenience and longer life.
  • Evolution Maintenance Free Casters for Towed Applications: This specialty caster from Colson comes in capacities ranging from 500 – 1400 pounds. The zinc plated finish is designed for dynamic towing applications with maintenance free precision swivel raceway and steel top plate for maximum durability, so there’s no need to grease the wheels. All wheel options are 8” diameter and 2” wide with material options including Performa rubber, Mold-on rubber, Polyolefin, Polyurethane HI-TECH, Endure Solid Elastomer and cast iron.
  • 8 Series Kingpinless Enforcer: These heavy-duty casters from Colson Caster Corporation come in a swivel and matching rigid design with attractive and durable zinc plated finish. The kingpinless swivel eliminates swivel section failure due to shock and stretching of the kingpin making this series ideal for moving equipment. All swivel models have an available hand activated swivel lock and tread lock brakes (except the V-groove). The recessed zerk grease fitting on the raceway prevents damage and incorporates 45 multi-temp grease lubricants for extreme hot and cold temperatures. Wheel materials include phenolic, cast iron, V-groove, forged steel, Mold-on rubber Ironcore and Mold-on polyurethane ironcore and come in diameters of 6”, 8” 10” and 12” which are 2-1/2” or 3” wide with load capacities from 680 – 6000 pounds.


Douglas Equipment: When You Want Bulk Pricing and Quality Customer Service

When you need to find the right casters for your unique task there is only one place to call for the best customer service as well as highly competitive pricing. Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955, and from our location in South Florida we can easily supply casters to customers across the entire United States, and we can also quickly ship products to South America and the Caribbean as well.

If you have needs to purchase casters in bulk, and are local to Miami you can call us at 305-888-3700, and national customers can call us toll free at 800-451-0030. We can also be contacted online, and one of our knowledgeable and dedicated service professionals will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions. When you are ready to find the right caster at the right price we are standing by ready to help.