Taking Care of Your Caster Wheels

Taking Care of Your Caster WheelsCaster wheels are no small expense for commercial customers, but they’re typically designed to last quite a long time in order to enhance their value. Even so, casters can quickly become damaged or defective if the proper maintenance is not performed on a regular basis. Customers in every industry should follow a few basic steps after purchasing their caster wheels in order to ensure that they last as long as possible, even in the toughest environments.

1. Ensure that Caster Wheels are Always Properly Lubricated

As with any moving part, caster wheels need to be properly lubricated at all times to ensure that they continue to spin in sync with all of the other wheels attached to any piece of equipment. This will also help to minimize any damage to the mechanisms within the caster that hold the wheel in place and ensure that it keeps spinning throughout the caster’s useful life.

For casters that are used in relatively clean environments, a standard gel-based lubricant can be used to keep casters in great condition. Other environments, like warehouses and factories, might want to choose a dry lubricant instead. Dry lubricants are intended for areas where a large amount of dust or debris generally occurs, and it helps to keep that dust or debris out of the caster itself. This results in a long-lasting caster that maximizes its value from the time of purchase.

2. Pay Attention to the Floor, Too

Maintaining the quality of caster wheels doesn’t focus exclusively on the wheel, though that might be the most important part. Casters require a floor on which to roll and, if that floor is not properly maintained, it can cause the caster to experience damage that shortens its useful life.

After purchasing new casters, it’s important to frequently sweep a floor and remove any lingering dirt or debris that might get into the caster and cause it to stop functioning properly. Even with the use of regular or dry lubricants, this dust can represent a significant headache for caster buyers. Keeping things clean will help the caster perform at its best for a long time to come.

3. Don’t Ignore a Malfunctioning Caster

Casters that stop spinning can often be repaired, or affordably replaced, rather quickly. For this reason, business owners who find one of their casters no longer working should replace it instead of ignoring it. Al too often, caster owners simply ignore one malfunctioning caster and rely on the remaining three casters to keep equipment mobile. This can do even more damage to the broken caster, and put the others at risk of damage in the near future.

Pay attention to casters and ensure that they’re all working properly. If one of them is not, replace or repair it quickly so that it does not affect the other casters with which it is paired. This will maximize the life of all wheels involved.

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