Why South American Businesses Need Shepherd Wheels and Casters

Why South American Businesses Need Shepherd Wheels and CastersEndless Possibilities

Certain products and items are universal in their usage abilities and can be very useful in different places and circumstances. Casters are small, often overlooked items, that are used all over the world. Any place in which things need to be made mobile, casters can be used. This alone opens up the door of possibilities.  Usually seen in homes, offices, science labs, medical environments, industrial zones, construction sites, schools and more, there is always need and use that could benefit from additional mobility.

Many Applications

Most often, casters are considered to be the small wheels that enable office furniture to be mobile; however, there are many additional applications for which they are useful. Casters can be found on many makes and models of furniture and equipment, in every type of setting, including businesses, homes and industrial warehouses, ranging from regular to high-end applications.They can also be seen in use on equipment at construction sites, on medical equipment in doctor’s offices, hospitals and veterinarian offices, and even in the automobile garages on undercar dollies. Used in the aeronautical industry, food industry and many more, there is not an industry in which they are not found. They come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. With improved technology, casters have increased capabilities, and as a result, the useful applications have multiplied over the years.

Many Locations

Items that are useful in so many places need to be ordered and shipped to many different locations around the globe, including both domestic and international markets. If your business is one that needs to disperse items, it is important to keep costs low. For example, many businesses must consider the location of the distributor for each product in need. South American businesses and companies can benefit from purchasing their items from companies that are located in South Florida, due to the ease of shipping items going from large international and national shipping hubs. Additionally, it is also very important to buy from a source that you can trust, and in order to do this, it is important to thoroughly research and find the best distributor for your specific industry needs.

Domestic and International

As with anything that you are considering for your business, particularly for importing items, it is important to know what your options are. This way, you can ensure that the items you choose are the most appropriate ones for your needs. With the additional expenses that can arise in importing and exporting, it is wise to make the best choice the first time around. In the world of casters, there are so many different designs and models available that there are options to suit all ranges of buyers and sellers, in both domestic and international markets.

Associating Physical Details to Cost

In general, casters are most often available in three different basic sub-divisions: light, medium and heavy. This designation refers not to the actual weight of the caster but instead to the caster’s weight bearing load capacity. However, it is logical to make the assumption that due to design and construction, in order for the casters to accommodate heavier loads, they often do weigh more. This weight detail is a very important thing to take into consideration in regards to shipping and costs that can be accrued in importing and exporting. Therefore, making the determination of whether you need the light, medium or heavy caster is one to carefully consider. And within the light, medium and heavy designator categories, there are many other specific details that need to be taken into consideration that can influence costs. Depending on materials and shape, the amount of shipping can vary greatly.

Trusted Sources

When considering what casters would make the best options, it is always good to go with a trusted name in the industry. Shepherd Casters, who has been both designing and manufacturing casters for over fifty years, is a trusted name, and they offer a diverse selection of casters that can be tailored to meet any specific caster need your business may have.

For example, some of the main categories of casters that they have available include:

•    Light Duty Wheel Casters

•    Medium Duty Wheel Casters

•    Medium/Heavy Duty Wheel Casters

•    Heavy Duty Wheel Casters

•    Stainless Steel Casters

•    Twin Wheel Casters

•    Decorative Casters

•    Medical Casters

•    Business Machine Casters

•    Specialty Casters

Many Sub-Categories

As previously mentioned, each category has sub-categories. And within these sub-categories, there is a range of even more specific options. Each caster is more or less suitable for specific jobs, based on the different set of attributes that it has. To make the best determination of what caster to buy, it is helpful to take into consideration the work conditions and job requirements that the caster will be used in and for. These details correspond to specific caster attributes. Take for example, that the type of ground the caster will be traveling over will have a direct effect on the wheel type that needs to be chosen. Because the wheels are made of different materials, the interaction between the wheel and the floor is vital.In general, harder materials glide more smoothly, whereas other materials have a slight give,, which offers more shock absorption for the load being transported. Certain wheel materials are made to be able to withstand higher temperatures that can be caused by extra friction. Other materials are specially designed to withstand exposure to hazardous chemicals and materials that may be found on floors in certain industrial and medical settings. In sum, details like these are very important to consider.

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