Shepherd Casters for Sale

Shepherd Casters for SaleThere are few names in casters that command as much respect, and as much business, as Shepherd Casters. The company’s history dates back to its first caster product, designed and produced in 1945, and it expands over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. For more than half a century, Shepherd Casters has been increasing mobility and convenience for clients that range from industrial to medical, residential to commercial. Its success has largely been due to the right combination of quality and style, both of which have stood the test of time.

A Diverse Line of Casters: Every Need Can be Met by Shepherd

The Shepherd casters for sale today are available to meet virtually every need. While the company’s roots are most strongly planted in the heavy industry sector, with heavy-duty casters that can handle virtually any task, the company has also created caster products for virtually every other industry.

For office environments, Shepherd offers a line of business machine casters that are small but mighty, with a minimal appearance that can handle a pretty heavy load. Moving things like copiers and sorting machines is made exceedingly easy by this line of casters by Shepherd. Other casters produced by the company are perfect for use on office furniture, like chairs and desks, keeping things mobile without making them bulky or unsightly.

Residential customers will appreciate the company’s line of decorative casters, which seeks to encase the wheel in a more refined finish that can fit well into bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas where a more industrial caster would simply look out of place. Moving the couch, the bed, or a wide range of other furniture items, can be simplified with this series of casters.

Finally, industrial customers get access to the company’s long line of light, medium, and heavy-duty casters. These products have been in high demand by industrial customers for the better part of a half-century, and that’s because they us some of the best materials and build techniques found in any option currently or formerly on the market.

The Right Materials to Last a Very Long Time

Today’s Shepherd casters for sale use the best materials currently available to manufacturers of these popular products, including aluminum and stainless steel. Wheels are made of metal, in most cases, and coated with rubber so that they perform smoothly and silently. From top to bottom, Shepherd’s casters use today’s finest and most durable materials to ensure that customers won’t soon be repairing or replacing the products they buy from the company.

Douglas Equipment: A Great Way to Buy Shepherd Casters

At Douglas Equipment, we appreciate quality and durability just as much as our customers do. That’s why we sell a wide range of Shepherd casters that can meet all of our customers’ needs. From bulk and wholesale options to smaller purchases, we urge customers to contact us so that we can offer them the best products, and the best service, the industry has to offer.