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Miami’s Wholesale Supplier of Colson CastersAt Douglas Equipment, we are proud to be distributors for the world’s finest manufacturers of casters and material handling equipment. We carry parts and equipment from companies large and small, and represent a range of companies – from local, to national, and even worldwide.

One of the largest caster companies whose equipment we sell is Colson Caster. This innovative company has been in business for well over 100 years, and has an immense range of products. Colson is committed to casters and to customer’s needs. For the right type of casters, wheels and bumpers for any application, Colson is a great choice.

Advantages of Large Scale Operations

Colson Casters operates a 150,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The number of products and product lines that come from this factory is immense – over 35,000 different casters, wheels, and rubber bumpers come from this facility alone.

When you include the other caster companies that operate under supervision of the Colson Group, as well as other Colson Group companies around the world, the number of products grows to well over 400,000 choices. This means that when you start to look at Colson as a supplier of your caster requirements, you have many options with capacities ranging from a few dozen pounds to over 100,000 lbs.

Operating on a large scale gives Colson advantages that smaller companies simply do not have.

  • Engineering Department – Colson has a large staff of dedicated design engineers. These professionals can develop new lines of general purpose casters, and can also work on custom designs for clients, and developing casters well suited for specific applications.
  • Caster Laboratories – Customers expect lasting performance from their casters. To make sure their casters will hold up under demanding conditions, Colson operates laboratories that test their casters under punishing and harsh conditions. This step helps assure Colson’s products are built to the highest quality control standards.
  • Computer Controlled Manufacturing Systems – Colson’s quest for high quality continues when it comes to manufacturing their products. Their manufacturing systems are computer controlled, which helps eliminate unwanted variations in products.
  • Local and Worldwide Manufacturing – Colson has a commitment to keeping manufacturing as local as possible. They manufacture more caster products in the United States than most other companies. This leads to a quicker response to orders, product consistency, and on time delivery.
  • Associated Caster Companies – As an authorized distributor for Colson Casters, Douglas Equipment also carries casters from the other companies in the Colson Group. These include some well-known American companies you may be familiar with, such as Albion Industries, Shepherd Caster, Jarvis Caster Company, and MedCaster. We represent the Colson Group’s international companies, too, some of which are Rhombus, Revvo, and Logic Wheel Industry, Inc.

As you can see, the large scale of Colson’s operations yields many advantages that smaller companies just can’t provide.

Personal Service on a Small Scale

Despite Colson’s large size, they are happy to work with customers on an individual basis. Some of the personalized, special services Colson offers are:

  • Custom Engineering Abilities – Many of our clients at Douglas Equipment have applications for casters that involve difficult problems to solve. For these customers, an off-the-shelf caster just won’t fit the job. Luckily, Colson offers custom engineering capabilities. Our customer service representatives at Douglas Equipment will work with you to understand and clarify your needs, and then collaborate with the engineers at Colson to design and produce a caster that will meet your difficult application requirements.
  • 3D Model Capabilities – As an example of just how far Colson goes to please individual customers, they have added a 3D modeling program as part of their website resources. For many of Colson’s product lines, you can construct a caster to your specifications, and then view the model in 3D. You can download the model, and even import it into your design program, if you wish. You can also request a quote for the model you have created.

Colson has extensive resources, both online and in print, which will help you understand every aspect of designing and specifying casters that satisfy your particular requirements.

More than 130 Years of Experience

Colson’s roots as a manufacturing company can be traced all the way back to 1885, when the original company began making tricycles and the Fay Sulky Scraper, in Elyria, Ohio. The company was called Fay Manufacturing back then. By 1903, the name had changed to The Worthington Company, and the company had added carts, wheel chairs and casters to its product lines.

Fred Colson was the principal owner at that time. He bought the company in 1917, and the name of the company became The Colson Company. They began to offer an expanded line of casters, developed wheeled equipment for hospitals, and started making material handling equipment for industrial applications.

The company made it through the tough economic times of the Great Depression. In the 1950s, under new ownership, manufacturing operations were moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas. Through acquisitions and mergers, the company developed worldwide manufacturing capabilities, both in casters and hardware. Colson Casters is now part of the larger Colson Group, which includes many caster companies in the United States, as well as other companies located around the world.

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Tens of thousands of choices can be overwhelming! That’s why you should call the experts at Douglas Equipment’s customer service department today. We will quickly guide you to the best caster choice for your situation. If you have specialized requirements that can’t be met with available casters, we will work with Colson’s custom engineering department on your behalf, and streamline the process of designing casters that meet your needs.

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