Industrial Casters for All Warehouse Uses

Industrial Casters for All Warehouse UsesIn a warehouse you need casters that are durable and reliable so that you can trust that they will not fail when you need them the most. Industrial casters are made to take the wear and tear of the rigors of daily warehouse use, with all the dirt and grime associated with it, and without degrading or wearing excessively.

While these casters may not be as beautiful as some flashy chair and furniture casters that only see an office environment, they are stylish in their own way while being resistant to the warehouse environment they work in. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an industrial caster, including caster capacity and extreme usage.

The Difference Between Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Casters

One of the most important things to understand is how much weight your casters can handle. Knowing how much weight will be carried can help you choose between light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty casters.


  • Light-duty casters are typically designed to carry relatively light loads and are typically rated up to 450LPA-VSTH-35K High Capacity Low Overall Height Extrathane Caster: This light-duty caster from Blickle is small but mighty; a big mover with a large capacity but has tiny size combining ultra-low overall height. It has a capacity typical of casters two and a half times its size. The wheel is brown polyurethane on steel centre with a precision ball bearing. The height is 52 mm with a load capacity of 220 pounds.
  • Colson 6 Series Enforcer: These medium-duty casters from Colson come with an attractive and durable zinc finish, as well as the kingpinless swivel design that eliminates swivel section failure due to shock and stretching of the kingpin. Wheel material options include Performa rubber, mold-on rubber, polyolefin, Polyurethane HI-TECH, cast iron, Mold-on Nylon, Phenolic and Thermo High Temperature. This series comes in wheel diameters of 4.
  • Strong Man TSH: This heavy-duty steel welded caster by Rhombus includes a special turntable with a pressed ball track to provide the swivel action and easy maneuverability. These are the absolute master in their class when it comes to material quality and processing. Also included are tapered roller bearings, grease filled to allow for easy rolling and a grease nipple in the fork head for maintenance. This zinc passivated caster will easily carry a load capacity of 1400 Kg.

What Extreme Conditions will Your Casters See?

While it is not necessarily a problem that all warehouses face, there are some extreme environmental conditions that need specially designed casters to take the added abuse. Some of these punishing environments include temperature extremes, high speeds, aggressive chemicals and uneven outdoor terrain. Here are some casters that can handle these environments when other casters could not:

  • Colson Kinpinless Enforcer Swivel and Matching Rigid: The Enforcer casters from Colson are extremely temperature resistant. The wheels can be manufactured out of performa rubber or phenolic resin among other materials that can function within a range of -45 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The grease used to lubricate the caster is multi-temperature grease that is designed for extreme temperatures. It includes a zinc plated finish that is attractive and durable, as well as the kingpinless swivel design that eliminates swivel section failure due to shock and stretching of the kingpin. Wheel material options include Phenolic, Cast Iron, Forged Steel, and Mold-on Rubber, and come in wheel diameters of 6.
  • Blickle Wheels with Pneumatic Tyres, pressed Steel Rims: The Blickle P-wheel series are resistant to many aggressive substances except oils and have operating temperatures of -25C to 50C and with a reduced load capacity can handle maximum speeds of up to 16 km/h. These casters include pneumatic tyres with ribbed or zig-zag profiles, 2 or 4 ply rating and inner tubes. Rim options include pressed steel that is bolted or welded with a welded tubular steel hub, zinc plating or blue passivation. Bearings are either plain bore, which is corrosion resistant, or roller bearings that are lubricated with long-life grease. Wheel diameters range from 180mm – 300mm with load capacities of 75kg – 180kg.

The Best Place to Find Reliable Industrial Casters

There is a lot to consider when you are choosing an industrial caster, and turning to knowledgeable people for the right answers can help. Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment for almost 60 years and we have a knowledgeable and dedicated service team to help you with any questions you may have when it comes to picking the right industrial caster. If you are looking for the perfect industrial caster to suit your needs at a price that is affordable, we are confident that we can help.

If you are ready to find out more about the industrial caster you need for your unique situation, we can be contacted online and one of our service team members will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions. If you want to talk directly to one of our team members and you are local to Miami, you can call us at 305-888-3700, while national customers can call us toll free at 800-451-0030. Our trained and dedicated team is waiting now to help you find what you need when it comes to all types of casters and material handling equipment.