Why It’s Important to Buy Light Quality Casters From a Reliable Distributor

Why It’s Important to Buy Light Quality Casters From a Reliable DistributorWhen it comes to purchasing light quality casters, you have a few options. You can purchase them from a retail establishment that may sell all types of things with little specialization, or you can purchase from a reliable distributor like Douglas Equipment who has been in the material handling industry for decades.

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to purchase casters from a material handling equipment experts like Douglas Equipment. In this article, we’ll dig into a few of the reasons why working with a distributor makes financial and common sense.

Find a Reliable Distributor and You’re Guaranteed Satisfaction!

A full service distributor establishes their reputation by the service they provide. If you deal with a distributor – and a reliable one at that – then you’ll find a company that often has the knowledge and personnel to get you exactly what you need. Distributors tend to work in small territories, and are often local to the companies they distribute to.

Distributors offer service around the clock, and usually have spare parts and much-needed stocked items available when and if you need them in an emergency. A distributor will also seek to establish a relationship with their customers, as suitable distributor-customer relationships are key to their business.

The Value of a Manufacturer

Manufacturers often deal more directly with distributors and therefore may not have the customer service personnel in place to sufficiently meet the needs of an everyday buyer. Manufacturers are typically looking to sell massive amounts of materials to distributors who then are tasked with reselling these items to their customers. This manufacturer-distributor arrangement has been highly effective for many years, because it gives distributors a chance to differentiate themselves by providing the highest quality service. This way even though there may be various distributors in competition with each other, the company that treats their customers the best typically will grow over time.

The Benefit of Partnering with a Manufacturing Distributor

If you’re a small-medium sized organization looking to upgrade your material handling equipment and casters, working with a knowledgeable manufacturing distributor can pay large dividends for your organization. They’ll typically know exactly what you need based on your company size and your product offerings and in turn you can get back to doing what you do best, which is growing your business.

Other Reasons Why it’s Important to Use Reliable Distributing Manufacturer

Distributors are convenient (as they are typically in your locale) and are looking to retain you as a customer. This means you are much more likely to establish a decent relationship with a distributor than a manufacturer. Distributors though are still interested in selling in bulk, though, and that means you can benefit from paying wholesale prices.

You may find it hard at first to find a reliable distributor in your area. If you are lucky to have a few potential distributors nearby, don’t be tempted to go with the one that is closest. Perform some due diligence and ask around. Speak to each distributor in turn and see how impressed you are with their communication. Any company that puts effort into genuine communication is one that’s worth doing business with.

A reliable distributor will also want to know about what makes your business tick. That’s because distributors thrive on regular orders. A distributor may find it harder to find clients than a manufacturer – mainly because they sell in smaller quantities and may work within a set geographical area. The number of potential customers they have in their local area is smaller than a national manufacturer, which means they prefer to do business with companies whom they feel are likely to become regular customers.

Light Quality Casters – Some of Your Best Options

As one of the top caster distributors in South Florida, we’re often asked about light casters that we would recommend. Below are just a few of your best options when it comes to finding the ideal light duty casters for your unique needs.

  • The 2 Series – Colson Casters – For light-to-medium duties, we highly recommend the 2 Series from Colson Casters. These casters come with a zinc-plated finish that is both durable and attractive. The axle is a solid 3/8” with lock nut, and has full double ball hardened raceways for superior performance and reliability. The ‘Ecoforma’ wheel merges the qualities of both soft and hard treads. This means it rolls easily and protects your flooring with impact-resistance qualities. It’s also resistant to steam and water, chemicals and oils and will roll smoothly over floor debris. Note that the tread is bonded to the wheel for extra reliability. These casters come with the option of a total lock brake that will lock both the wheel and the swivel motion at the same time. This means you are in control of your caster-mounted items at all times.
  • The Regent Series – ShepherdThis US manufactured caster is one of Shepherd’s most popular and best-selling casters. No matter what your mobility needs may be, this caster will surely do the job. A very versatile model, you can choose from a selection of sizes, fastenings, and wheel options. The caster is made from heat-treated, high-strength steel. That means your caster will perform as it shouldfor an extended period of time with no need of replacement. Corrosive-resistant, this caster comes with a number of tread types including polyolefin, polyurethane, and thermoplastic rubber.

We hope that you’ll consider purchasing your light quality casters from our team here at Douglas Equipment in Florida. We could tell you that we are reliable distributors (and we are) but we feel it’s much better if you give us the privilege of proving that to you. We can supply all types of casters, and material handling equipment, so feel free to reach out to us to answer any questions you may have concerning affordability and reliability.

You can call us at any time – our toll free telephone number is 1-888-983-9078. If you prefer, you can get in contact with us using our online contact form as well. We look forward to working with you soon.