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Colson Wheels and Casters for Caribbean BusinessesA Name You Can Trust
It is always important to know your options, especially when shopping for items in which there are many options, which are important to your line of work. An example of an item such as this is the caster. Casters come in many different varieties. Each caster has specific characteristics that are particular to the job for which it was designed. Colson Casters in particular, come in a wide array of options, providing a viable choice for any caster need. Colson Casters are available in several different series, each one a step up from the previous. And each series offers an increase in feature options as well as weight bearing capabilities. Also Colson Casters are available in light, medium and heavy and they have load capacities ranging from 75 lbs to 8000 lbs each, with many options in between.

Additionally, there are multiple methods of attachment available with a variety of stem options available. Some of the stem options include: straight thread stems, pipe thread stems, modular stems and expanding adapter stems. Another characteristic in which there are different options is the wheel material. Some of the lighter wheel material options include: performa flat thread, polyolefin, and polyurethenethe hi-tech. Some of the heavier wheel material options include: thermo, cast iron, rubber hi-tech, phenolic and forged iron. Additionally, there are many high-quality features that are considered standard on many of the Colson Casters, and these include:

•    Zinc plated finish
•    Full double ball hardened raceways
•    3/8” hollow axle with lock nut
•    Permanent rivet king pin construction
•    Reinforcing washer on lower raceway
•    Grease holes: wheel bearing
•    Multi-temp grease lubricates in hot and cold temperatures

Details to Consider    
Because there are many varieties of casters and each different characteristic of the caster can impact how it interacts with the surface on which it is being used it is very important to carefully consider all the different possibilities. Some of the most important details to consider include: the swivel radius, wheel diameter, the mounting height and the dynamic load. For example, with floors of softer material a harder wheel material often allows for easier movement.

On the other hand for floors of harder material a softer wheel material will often offer a protection from scratching and smudging. Therefore, when choosing the best caster in relationship to the type of floor, one of the most important factors to consider is the material and tread of the caster wheel. This is but one example of how the individual characteristics of the caster can interact with the work environment in which it is expected to perform.

Questions To Consider
With all the many possibilities of uses and the many different types of work environments in which casters can be used it is important to understand how the different available options interact with the environments in which they might be used. In order to best understand this, it is important to fully understand the job to be performed. There are many simple questions that can be utilized to paint a clearer image of the job to be performed. In this way you will be able to make a more appropriate caster-to-job match.

Some of the questions that can help to determine the type of job and the conditions in which it will need to be performed, include: What is it that needs to be moved? Is it an oddly shaped item? Is it multiple small items or one large item? Is it fragile, and therefore need to be handled with any type of special precaution or care? What is the item’s total weight? Is it especially heavy? Or is the weight distributed in such a way as to make the load unbalanced? What is the distance that the item needs to be moved? Over what type of floor or ground will the item need to travel? Is the terrain manmade or all natural? Is the terrain smooth or bumpy? Or is the ground a smooth surface but grooved, such as tile?  Or possibly it is a combination of textures, which offers its own set of needs.

These questions can aid in pointing you in the right direction of determining which caster will be the best match for the job at hand. Making sure to take the time in matching the caster to the job. This will help to ensure that you will get the most out of each of the casters you purchase. Choosing the best caster may be a difficult task due to the many options that are available, but rest assured that there is a caster that is just right for the job.

Help with the Details
No matter what the job is that needs to be performed there is a Colson Caster that can assist in making that job easier and more efficient. With all of the many possibilities that are available it is vital, not only to know the options, but also to also have the assistance of a distributor that is knowledgeable in the specifics of the available products. At Douglas Equipment we are proud of our almost sixty years of experience in the moving equipment field. We want to help you ask the right questions to help determine the best option so that you feel confident with your choice. And we are confident that we have the products and the expertise to help you choose the best items for your line of work.

To find the right Colson Casters for your business’s specific needs, please contact Douglas Equipment. We have a longstanding relationship with Colson Casters and can be your trusted source for all your caster needs. Please contact us Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, locally at 305-888-3700, or by faxing us at 305-883-9563. We can also be reached electronically through the Contact Us section on our website. You will reach a knowledgeable representative able to help you with all your caster needs. We look forward to serving you.