Casters for Luxury Hotels

Casters for Luxury HotelsThe hospitality industry has a unique set of needs when it comes to casters, and one of those needs demands that the casters look as well-designed and pleasing to the eye as possible. That’s especially true for the owners and operators of luxury hotels, where every aspect of a caster must fit well into the hotel’s aesthetic and its reputation for high-quality service, materials, and experiences, for each of its customers. Unfortunately, casters have often been associated with a more industrial look than one that’s friendly to the needs and appeal of luxury hotels and suites.

Despite their reputation, however, casters can easily be purchased that look, feel, and operate, as a luxury hotel owner would expect. The market for casters has grown exponentially over the course of the past few decades, and is now full of luxury models and well-designed casters that meet any need.

Getting the Right Look and Feel: Caster Designs that Transcend Industrial Uses

The market for industrial casters is probably the largest among those companies who are looking to make their furniture and equipment a bit more mobile. It is for this reason that most people associate casters with a simple wheel attached to a stem or bracket. Luxury hotel owners, though, should understand that casters come in a wide variety of styles, many of which can fit perfectly into luxury environments.

When shopping for casters, those who own luxury hotels should pay special attention to so-called “specialty casters” or “designed casters.” These two types are given a specifically upscale appearance, and they appeal quite well to those in the hospitality world as well as those who are looking to integrate casters in a traditional home or other living space. They’re characterized by more luxurious finishes, in gold, silver, bronze, and others, allowing them to integrate well with the luxury aesthetic found in many of today’s high-end hotels.

No Need to Sacrifice Durability for Great Design

Fortunately, well-designed casters do not trade in their durability when seeking to look upscale and more discerning. These casters can be purchased in the same product groupings as their industrial counterparts, with light, medium, and heavy-duty models that can propel equipment of all sizes throughout the corridors in most hospitality businesses.

When shopping for casters for luxury hotels, be sure to understand the maximum rated weight capacity, as well as the materials used in the caster, before finalizing the transaction. Always round up, rather than down, when estimating the weight that will need to be managed by each caster. With careful shopping and attention to detail, it’s easy to find aesthetically pleasing casters that still benefit mobility and productivity quite a bit.

Trust Douglas Equipment When Shopping for Casters

With several decades of industry experience, Douglas Equipment is the best choice for hotel owners who need to merge their luxury aesthetic with their goal of better mobility. We know exactly which casters are most frequently selected by our hospitality customers, and we’re able to recommend those that look great, perform well, and benefit every aspect of the hotel and its staff. Contact us today for a free consultation.