Where to Buy Blickle Wheels and Casters

Where to Buy Blickle Wheels and CastersAt Douglas Equipment we are always looking for new high quality caster suppliers that can help us to provide the right casters to satisfy our customer’s unique needs. It is because of this that we are extremely happy to be a distributor of Blickle casters. Adding this line of high-quality precision casters to the already excellent products that we can offer will help us to more readily fulfill any caster needs you may have.

What We Love About Blickle

Blickle is a caster manufacturer that designs wheels and casters in Rosenfeld, Germany and tests these in accordance with DIN EN 12527-12533, the German Institute for Standardization’s standard for casters and wheel test methods. Using these highly reliable methods Blickle produces over 15 million quality casters and wheels every year, more than 60,000 products a day, and utilizes both machinery and experienced people to ensure that each caster that leaves their manufacturing facility has been tested and inspected to function properly.

Blickle prides themselves on the fact that they make high-quality, long-lasting and maintenance-free casters; and have been in business since 1953. A key part of the draw of Blickle casters is the dedication to developing new caster designs and materials in order to improve the products and processes and also constantly grow their product range. These patents include many new polyurethane materials that are durable, resistant to wear, cutting and tearing; have low roll resistance and are resistant to acids and solvents. These advancements have improved the Blickle product and made it a world-class caster.

At Douglas Equipment we have stock several Blickle items that will meet most customer’s needs for immediate shipment, but we also have access to everything in the Blickle catalogue which can then be delivered wherever you are. This is particularly helpful if you are looking for access to hard-to-find metric or European-spec casters. With a product range that encompasses over 30,000 different standard caster and wheel types, Blickle casters can satisfy almost every customer application and demand. All casters from Blickle can also be RoHS compliant upon request.

Some of the products that we stock on a daily basis from Blickle include:

  • LPA-VSTH-35K High Capacity Low Overall Height Extrathane Caster: This caster is a big mover with a great combination of tiny size and large capacity. This caster combines ultra-low overall height with a capacity typical of casters two and a half times its size. The wheel is a brown polyurethane on a steel center wheel with precision ball bearing. Height 52 mm, Load Capacity 220 pounds.
  • LPA-TPA Light Duty Casters with Thermoplastic Rubber Tread: These casters are made of pressed steel with a swivel bracket and double ball bearing in the swivel head for smooth motion and minimal swivel head play. Installation is through a top plate fitting. Work hardening of the balls results in an increased service life. These casters have a load capacity of 110 pounds to 264 pounds overall, and Douglas stocks the 50 mm and 75 mm plate models, both with and without the FI stop fix brake. (Also available is the LRA-TPA model with a bolt hole fitting)
  • LRXA-TPA Stainless Steel Light Duty Casters with Thermoplastic Rubber Tread: With an 11mm bolt hole fitting for installation these casters are made sturdy with a strong central kingpin design with ball protection by a special top plate and ball disc design. Douglas carries the 5OG-FI model which has a 50mm wheel with stop fix brake. These casters have a load capacity of 110 pounds, wheel diameter of 50 mm and width of 19 mm.
  • LDA-VPA Light Duty Twin Wheel Caster with Solid Rubber Tire: These dual wheel casters come with a top plate fitting for installation and are made of pressed steel with a double ball bearing in the swivel. The wheel axle is a bolted assembly, zinc plated and Cr6 free with two wheels made of impact resistant nylon with treads of high-quality solid rubber that is non-marking and non-staining. We stock the 50G-FI Dual Wheel plate with and without stop fix brake, having a load capacity of 154 pounds, wheel diameter of 50 mm and tire width of 2 x 18 mm.

Why Using Douglas Equipment Makes the Most Sense

Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters for almost 60 years. Since 1955 we have had a dedicated service team to help you with any questions you may have when it comes to choosing the casters that are right for your specific application. We are located in South Florida, which means we can easily service the entire United States, and we can also quickly ship products to South America and the Caribbean as well. This service, along with the added product offerings that we have through Blickle, makes an unparalleled match when it comes to providing you with the right product.

With our customer service capabilities we have the knowledge of casters for all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional requirements. Finding the right caster is as simple as contacting Douglas Equipment and explaining to one of service professionals what you need to move and what floor surface you will be moving on. With this information, and a few other conditions, we can supply you with an appropriate, high-quality, reliable and long-lasting caster that will meet your unique needs at an affordable price.

While superior maneuverability, handling and capacity matter so do the people and the company providing your casters. If you are in the market for extremely high quality casters the team at Douglas Equipment has expertise that is unparalleled by any of our competitors and some of the most competitive prices available on the market.

If you need help selecting questions or have a few questions you need answered, contact us today!