Blickle Casters Distributor in USA

Blickle Casters Distributor in USAIf you have never heard of Blickle casters before now, we are sure you will not forget to consider them the next time you need casters. Blickle is a caster manufacturer in Rosenfeld, Germany and is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high quality, long-lasting and maintenance-free casters and wheels. Blickle has been in the business of making world class casters and wheels since 1953, and now produces over 15 million quality casters and wheels every year, more than 60,000 products a day. We are proud to announce that at Douglas Equipment, your source for quality casters and wheels since 1955, we can now also include the high quality products from Blickle when we help you choose a caster to suit your needs when you need something to metric or European specs  This most often occurs with medical equipment, and road cases, but can also come up whenever you’re trying to replace casters on any other equipment made in Europe.

What Makes Blickle Casters and Wheels Great?

Blickle is a company that tests the casters it produces to European standards. With state-of-the-art measuring equipment, wheels and castors are tested in accordance to DIN EN 12527-12533, the German Institute for Standardization’s standard for casters and wheel test methods and apparatus. Destructive tests are performed on samples to ensure quality. These methods of testing and quality control ensure that all Blickle casters are built with the highest level of quality.

To ensure that its business is run in such a way that customer needs are always satisfied, Blickle has implemented a quality management system that is certified to the international standard ISO 9001. To supplement this they added an environmental management system to make sure that their business practices do not negatively affect the environment and certified this to the international standard ISO 14001. So you can be assured that any casters you buy from Douglas Equipment that were supplied by Blickle will meet your requirements and be made in an environmentally responsible manner.

Dedicated to Improving Casters and Wheels

As a forward thinking company Blickle also has a dedication to continually diversifying and optimizing their products, while also pursuing product improvements and constantly growing their product range. Part of this dedication is to conduct research into new materials that can improve and revolutionize the caster and wheel market. These many inventions and patents include many polyurethane material variations that are durable, resistant to wear, cutting and tearing; have low roll resistance and are resistant to acids and solvents.

One of the best examples of this is their Besthane® polyurethane-elastomer. This tread has been developed to handle heavy loads as well as high speeds. One example of a wheel with this material is:

  • Series ALBS Pressed Steel Casters: These medium duty casters include brackets made of heavy pressed steel that can be fixed or swiveled. The wheels have a die-cast aluminum center with a tread of high-quality polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Besthane®. Load capacities range from 500 pounds to 1320 pounds on wheel with a diameter of 80 mm to 200 mm. The ball bearing caster provides very low rolling resistance, high dynamic load capacity and the wheel is non-marking and non-staining.

Blickle Maintains Control of Manufacturing for Superior Quality

In order to maintain control of consistently high quality materials, Blickle has maintained all aspects of manufacture of their casters. This starts with the steel working involved in the making of the components that will be directly used in the automatic production process that will assemble them into casters. This allows the company to economically manufacture large quantities, but enough flexibility to take care of small batches at low costs.

For Blickle, material composition and the way casters are processed are two essential pillars for the quality of casters. Because of this they want to control the blasting, cleaning and priming of the metal wheels and then be in command of the polyurethane coating using their low-pressure hot-casting method with computer-aided casting. This, along with maintaining the final tempering, allows Blickle to manage the final caster product with no hand-offs to sub-tier suppliers. Along with the stringent quality inspection to ensure that the casters are correct guarantees you will get a good caster every time.

An example of one of these highly precise wheels is:

  • Blickle Wheel Series GST: This wheel comes in diameters from 125 mm to 300 mm and a load capacity from 990 pounds to 3960 pounds. The wheel center is a grey cast iron wheel (160 mm diameter) or larger with a grease nipple and ball bearing raceway. The casted tread is made from a high-quality polyurethane elastomer Blickle Softhane.

We Are Your Source for Blickle Casters

With a product range that encompasses over 30,000 different standard caster and wheel types, Blickle casters can satisfy almost every customer application and demand. The innovative concepts provided by Blickle casters and wheels and the incorporation of new material and production technology developments means that the company will very likely have a product that will meet your unique needs.

Douglas Equipment has several models of Blickle casters in stock to suit the needs of most applications, but we also have access to anything from the Blickle catalog for customer needs that require something more than our standard stock. We are here to give you more than just a caster, we are here to help you find a solution.

Here When You Need Us

Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters for almost 60 years and our dedicated service team has learned a bit about what makes a high-quality caster, and we are happy to add Blickle casters to our large line of highly reliable casters. If you are looking for a high quality caster for your application, we are here to help you with any questions you may have when it comes to comparing different models and manufacturers.

Whether you’re replacing casters that have worn out or need them for an entirely new application, let us help you choose the ones that best meet your needs. Contact us today!