The Best Heavy Duty Casters to Purchase for Warehouses

The Best Heavy Duty Casters to Purchase for WarehousesIn your warehouse environment, durability and reliability are perhaps the most important aspects when it comes to your casters. Your business thrives on efficiency, so anything that minimizes that efficiency is never a good thing. If your heavy-duty casters are not up to the task given to them, then efficiency will always be an issue.

Warehouses are one of the most common places where heavy-duty casters are found. They are the polar opposite of offices – rough floors strewn with debris, grime and dirt. Your casters are going to be exposed to a wide range of conditions, so heavy-duty casters are something of a must in many industrial environments.

Unfortunately, because you have to compromise on style in order to maintain effectiveness, you are unlikely to find heavy-duty casters that can match the stylings of smarter furniture casters. This is a necessary sacrifice, as heavy-duty casters are all about reliability. You’ll want reliable casters as replacing heavy-duty casters is not cheap. Happily, if you make the correct choices, then reliability is not something you’re likely to have to worry about.

So, what are the best heavy-duty casters to purchase for warehouses? Here are your best options when it comes to making your selection from Douglas Equipment.

Rhombus Casters

Rhombus has been supplying casters to warehouse applications for well over one hundred years now, so they must be doing something right! A German-based company, Rhombus began life in 1899 in Burg an der Wupper, just north-east of Cologne. They now supply companies all across the globe with casters, and have production facilities in both Malaysia and France.

In relation to load, weight and mass, contemporary heavy industry means that casters have to perform ‘feats of strength’ like never before, which is something that Rhombus firmly understands. They provide only the best in the quality of the materials they use, and the manner by which construction takes place. This is why they have become true masters in their field.

Rhombus’ casters are made with precision ball-bearing wheel bearings, and are top plate fitted. Wheel dimensions start at four inches and rise all the way up to ten inches, allowing for a range of heavy-duty bearing capacities from 1,000 lbs. all the way up to 3,300 lbs..

The wheels themselves are manufactured from strong nylon, and the casings are typically heavy steel welded and zinc passivated. Casters can be supplied fixed or swivel mounted, and for longevity they are supplied with a grease filling and a grease nipple in the fork head.

The heavy-duty casters supplied by Rhombus are suitable for all types of applications, including assembly dollies, containers, lifting tables, lifting platforms, machine construction, road construction and heavy transport equipment.

Colson Casters

Colson Casters make the bold claim that they manufacture “the most trusted casters” in the world. They can certainly claim to be one of the oldest caster manufacturers in the world, having been around in one form or another since 1885. This diverse company offers over two hundred thousand caster models, including of course countless casters suitable for heavy-duty applications. Colson are the true caster experts, and at Douglas Equipment we are extremely proud that we can offer their superb range of products to our customers.

For your heavy-duty warehouse needs you cannot really go wrong with Colson’s Enforcer 8 Series Kingpinless casters. These impressive items have an attractive zinc-plated finish and are constructed with a single-ball hardened swivel raceway. They have a 3/4″ solid axle complete with nut, and a 3/8” steel top plate. The fork leg is also 3/8” thick and three inches wide.

These casters have formed fork legs that feature internal and external robotic welding which ensures consistent levels of quality. They also have a recessed zerk grease fitting on a swivel raceway. This helps to prevent damage, as does the grease fitting on the wheel bearing which results in the requirement of only low levels of maintenance. The grease used is a special formulated type that is effective in extreme environments – both high and low temperature.

The attaching plate can either be rigid or swivel. Wheels can be supplied with six, eight, ten or twelve inch diameters, in moldon rubber or polyurethane with a cast iron core, phenolic, cast iron or forged steel. The casters themselves can be supplied with a tread lock brake, a hand activated swivel lock or both.

All Enforcer 8 Series casters are supplied with performa wheels. These highly-reliable items offer businesses the advantages of both soft and hard tread materials. These wheels are extremely durable and roll easily, no matter the load they are tasked to transport. They also roll very quietly, have floor protection qualities and are impact resistant.

The range of options around Colson’s Enforcer 8 Series Kingpinless Casters means that these casters can deal with capacities from 680 lbs. (and a load height of seven and half inches) all the way up to 1,140 lbs. and a load height of thirteen and a half inches.

Variety of Other Options at Douglas Equipment

Variety is essential when it comes to your options in regards to the best heavy-duty casters to purchase for warehouses. As well as Colson and Rhombus, we can also supply you with heavy-duty casters manufactured by all of the most well-known caster supply companies in the world, including Albion, Algood, Bestway Casters, Blickle, Caster Concepts, Darcor Casters, Darnell-Rose, Faultless and Jarvis.

Such a range of options might seem a little bewildering, but there’s no need to panic as help is at hand. All you need to do is call 1-800-451-0030 and one of our experts will be immediately available to discuss your needs. We want you to obtain the best casters that are the most suitable for your business and your budget. We’re always here to help.

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