Ball Bearing Swivel Casters

Ball Bearing Swivel CastersWhat would you say is the most important aspect of an item that has been fitted with casters? Our guess would be – maneuverability! The whole point of adding casters to an item is for it to become mobile, so if your item seems reluctant to play ball when you want to move it, then perhaps you’ve chosen the wrong type of caster.

For the most efficient maneuverability, our team at Douglas Equipment often recommends ball bearing swivel casters. With these casters, you get the full range of motion and you’ll be able to move your caster-mounted item with ease. Rigid casters will only move in one direction (although an item mounted with rigid casters will curve if you apply sufficient force), and casters without ball bearings are simply not as efficient.

Here are a couple of ball bearing swivel casters that we would be happy to supply you with.

Shepherd Heavy Duty Institutional Swivel Top Plate Models

For a no-fuss, no-frills type of caster that will give you years of effective service, you really cannot go wrong with the swivel top plate models manufactured by the caster producing experts at Shepherd.

This caster is made from high-strength steel for added durability and has an all-important dual ball-bearing raceway for that key aspect of maneuverability. These casters come to RoHS compliant with a zinc-plated finish, and you have the option of tread locks or expanding adapter casters, which are available upon request.

These casters have limitless possibilities but are most often used for hospital equipment, utility carts, warehouse nurseries, institutional equipment, office equipment and food service.

Colson 4 Series Enforcer Kingpinless Swivel Casters

Sometimes durability and effectiveness is the most important aspect of any caster, and with the 4 Series Enforcer Kingpinless Caster from Colson, you’re assured of just that.

This caster comes with an effective and attractive zinc-plated finish and a single ball hardened and encased raceway that will really keep this caster rolling. It’s most impressive element is the plated, kingpin less design that is a much more effective way of providing mobility than the typical kingpin design. Kingpins will stretch when they are used and can also fail due to shock. Eliminating the kingpin makes these issues go away.

The Colson 4 Series also comes with grease fittings at the wheel bearing and swivel raceway, plus each caster is filled with Colson’s ‘Colson 45’ multi-temp grease which is supremely effective at lubricating in all environments, including extremes of temperature at both ends of the spectrum.

Learn More About Ball Bearing Swivel Casters

These are just two examples of the huge number of ball bearing swivel casters we are able to supply you with at Douglas Equipment. Whatever you want from your casters, there’s sure to be a model in our extensive catalog that will suit your needs.

To set the ball (bearing) in motion when it comes to casters, just pick up the phone and dial 1-800-451-0030. There’s also an online contact form for your use if you’d prefer.