Anti Rust Stainless Steel Caster Wheels

Anti Rust Stainless Steel Caster WheelsThere are plenty of applications where items given mobility by anti-rust stainless steel casters are a must. The industries in which anti-rust casters are important include hospitals, medical facilitates, hotels, restaurants and food processing plants.

How to Care for Steel Caster Wheels

One of the true enemies of steel casters is moisture – not just water, but other forms of liquids, including chemicals and cleaning agents. Exposure to such liquids will accelerate the time taken for rust to form on the wheel. Rust is formed when water or moisture reacts with the metal to form iron oxide, weakening the strength of the metallic item. Steel is typically made up of iron, carbon and other elements.

In order to prolong the life of your wheels it is important—especially if you work in an environment where liquids are a constant hazard, to choose casters with anti-rust stainless steel wheels.

A Little More Information about Stainless Steel

Steel is made stainless by the application of certain chemicals, especially chromium. Sometimes the whole of the steel is treated with chromium and other similar chemicals, and sometimes only the surface area of a steel component is so treated. Chromium is not like iron – it is resistant to staining and corrosion. While stainless steel is not totally resistant to rust, items manufactured from stainless steel will have a non-rusted lifetime many times greater than that of untreated steel or iron itself.

At Douglas Equipment we have been supplying anti-rust stainless steel casters to a wide array of customers for many years, and we can help you acquire the perfect set of casters for your unique needs.

Stainless Steel Caster Wheels for the Hospitality Industry

Caster wheels in hotels, guest houses and restaurants have to deal with a number of different rolling surfaces – carpet, linoleum, tile and perhaps even hardwood or concrete floors. It’s important that your casters roll smoothly when required, and at all times.

Fluids are something of an issue in many sub-sectors of this industry, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, in the hospitality industry appearances and cleanliness are both very important, meaning that your caster wheels will likely be cleaned on a regular basis.

To help achieve the maximum lifetime for your casters, it’s crucial that your casters are up to the task. That’s why it’s important to choose anti-rust stainless steel casters, as they will give you the best chance of lengthy service. Other caster wheel types – such as plastic and nylon – may be used, but it’s unlikely they will be as effective for you as anti-rust stainless steel casters.

Stainless Steel Casters for the High Precision Technology Industry

We live in an age of advanced technology where everything from refrigerators to coffee makers are fitted with precision electronics. In industries where such advanced electronics are manufactured, it’s important that contamination is kept down to a minimum. With the use of anti-rust stainless steel casters, you have the best chance of keeping levels of contamination low, as such casters do not tend to pick up debris as they roll along to be deposited elsewhere within the facility.

Additionally, magnetism can be an issue within such facilities. Magnetism can be a real hazard when manufacturing precise electronic components as too much magnetism can render such components useless. Anti-rust stainless steel casters have the additional benefit in that they do not attract magnetism very easily.

Stainless Steel Casts for the Food Manufacturing or Processing Industry

It’s important that stringent levels of cleanliness are maintained at all times in the food production or processing industry. This means that any casters you use when transporting food items or pieces of production equipment around will be cleaned on a regular basis, and of course sometimes using harsh, germ-killing solvents. It’s therefore important that any casters you use are resistant to the corrosive effects that some solvents possess.

Anti-rust stainless steel casters are very sterile and germs and other contaminants find it hard to adhere to them, which makes them ideal to use where food or beverage items are involved. Also, when it comes to cleaning, some facilities choose to use steam-cleaning methods as opposed to solvents and other chemicals. Steam is of course comprised of heated water, so the anti-rust qualities of anti-rust stainless steel casters are crucial in order for your casters to be efficient, free rolling and reliable.

Importance of Stainless Steel Casters in the Medical Industry

In hospitals, retirement homes and other medical facilities, portability is key. Crucial pieces of equipment and hospital beds need to be transported to where they need to be as quickly and as efficiently as possible, which is why more often than not they are placed on casters.

Cleanliness and contamination are genuine, life-threatening issues where health and medicine are concerned. Hospitals especially are home to viruses and other such germs, as is their nature. It’s important that such unwanted guests find it as hard to move about a medical facility as possible. Anti-rust stainless steel casters afford maximum levels of hygiene, and, as explained above, germs and their various cousins find it hard to adhere to surfaces that have been prepared to be resistant to staining.

In order to reduce all forms of possible contamination, all hospital items are cleaned scrupulously and are disinfected on a regular basis. As this involves the use of harsh chemicals and hot water, it’s important that your casters are strong enough and reliable enough to be cleaned until they are utterly spotless and decontaminated on a regular basis. In this regard, anti-rust stainless steel casters genuinely fit the bill.

Helping You Choose the BestAnti-rustStainless Steel Casters

We can offer you plenty of options when it comes to anti-rust stainless steel casters. It can be quite a bewildering array, but have no fear, we’ll work with you to allow you to come to the best decision possible when it comes to choosing the right casters for your specific application.

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