Wesco’s Office Caddies and Desk Movers Simplify Your Office Relocations

Wesco’s Office Caddies and Desk Movers Simplify Your Office RelocationsMost offices do it at some point or other – the dreaded office relocation. You may need to do this because you are moving to a new area of the building. You may need to shuffle people around in order to paint different areas of the office, replace the worn carpet or for other redecorating. This process can be frustrating for everyone involved as they will lose time packing, moving and unpacking.

The best way to deal with this type of relocation is to make it as quick and efficient as possible so that the disruption is over in the least amount of time. Choosing quality office caddies and desk movers for your office relocation can be the difference between employees who are happy that they were not unduly interrupted, and employees that are frustrated that they can’t get their work done on time.

Here are a few products from Wesco that can help make this critical time in your office run smoothly and efficiently:

Wesco Office Caddy: Multi-Purpose Service Truck

The office caddy is a great multi-purpose service truck that is ideal for any moving you need done in your office. This unit easily converts from a four-wheel rolling table with an oak color top and vinyl edge to a two-wheel hand truck. Further conversion into a four-wheel hand truck is possible; in fact, there are seven positions that this truck can be put into for many different moving needs.

When folded down the truck can easily fit into the size of an average car trunk. The truck comes with 8” X 1.75” easy roll semi-pneumatic wheels and 2.5” hard rubber swivel casters. The overall size is width 19”, height 55”, depth 18” with a handle height of 55”. The table size is 19” by 23.5” and the truck collapses down to 11.5”. The capacity of the truck is 200 pounds as a 2 wheel truck, 400 pounds as a 4 wheel truck and 100 pounds as a four wheel table. The caddy weighs 42 pounds.

Wesco Desk Mover: Moves a Desk Without Emptying the Drawers

The Wesco Desk mover allows you to lift a desk and roll it into position without clearing the top or even emptying the drawers. The easy operation allows you to roll the vinyl coated lift rack under the desk, pump the desk up and then simply roll it away. The vinyl coated lift rack prevents damage to the desk and slipping. The optional Pedestal Adapter allows you to move desks with a single pedestal with ease. The unit will automatically lock in the raised position for safety, and has a capacity of 600 pounds.

There are three units available, all with dimensions of width 31.75”, height 39.5” and depth of 23”. The difference in the units is the caster size and the raised and lowered height for different sized tables. The three sizes are raised height 9.75”/lowered height 4.25” and casters of 2.5”, raised height 10.25”/lowered height 4.75” and casters of 3” or raised height 11.25”/lowered height 6” with casters of 4”. These desk movers weigh 44 pounds, 45 pounds and 46 pounds respectively.

Wesco File Cabinet Truck: Useful for Both Letter Sized and Legal Sized File Cabinets

Along with desks and other pieces of office equipment you will likely need to move some file cabinets when you relocate your office as well. No matter how much we try to eliminate paper in the workplace, there always seems to be a need for some number of paper files.

The Wesco File Cabinet Truck is ideal for moving file cabinets with its easy height adjustment for 2, 3 or 4 drawer file cabinets. The adjustable arm accommodates cabinets up to 30” deep and holds cabinets firmly in place while tilting the load for greater safety. A heavy duty nose-plate makes for an extremely durable product and the felt covering protects the cabinets from scratches and dings.

The truck dimensions are width 16.5”, height 61.5”, depth 11” with 6” wheels and a capacity of 400 pounds. The collapsed size of the truck for storage is 39.5” by 16.5” by 11” and the truck weighs 31.5 pounds.

Manual and Electric Office Lifts: Ideal for Narrow Aisles

It is useful to consider these lightweight but sturdy office lifts when talking about moving things in the office. These lift carts are small and made for moving around in tight spaces like the office. Both the manual and electric lifts have a capacity of 220 pounds with a platform of 18” by 23”. Two hard rubber load wheels measure 2.75” X 1.75” with larger rear hard rubber swivel casters measuring 5” by 1.25” which gives the unit great maneuverability. The big difference in performance is the lift height, which is 58.5” for the manual model and 66” for the electric model.

Relocation Made Simple

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