Wesco Material Handling Distributor in Miami Florida

Wesco Material Handling Distributor in Miami FloridaDouglas Equipment has been in business since 1955. Located in Miami, we provide casters and material handling equipment to industrial and residential customers in south Florida, as well as throughout the United States, and to exporters who ship our products around the world.

We keep a vast inventory of products in stock, making it very convenient for our local retail customers or industrial customers to quickly obtain the material handling products they need for their homes, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. We are also distributors for the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment and casters, and chances are that if we don’t have what you need in stock, we know exactly where to find it.

We’ve worked with every type of customer for the past 60 years and understand the needs of diverse businesses. We are very familiar with the major manufacturers who make products to satisfy those needs. Our customer service representatives excel in quickly understanding your need, and identifying the manufacturers with the products to satisfy those needs.

Douglas Equipment Distributes Wesco Products

One of the companies we often turn to for solutions in material handling equipment is Wesco Industrial Products, Inc., of North Wales, PA. At Douglas Equipment, we are proud to be a leading distributor of Wesco’s quality equipment. We stock a large inventory of Wesco products, and for those items we don’t keep in stock, we have direct access to factory representatives, and can order products from the factory for quick delivery. We can even work with their engineers to modify existing products to suit your specific requirements, or design and fabricate new custom products if necessary.

Wesco’s standard product line is quite diverse. The Wesco name is well known, and many customers will already be familiar with part of the product line. For example, anyone who has been around a warehouse floor, or in the aisles of a large, retail home supply store, has likely seen pallet trucks that are used to lift and transport wooden pallets loaded with inventory. Those pallet trucks (also known as pallet jacks) may have been made by Wesco. But you may not know about all the other material handling equipment that Wesco is able to provide their customers. To show you the many different types of Wesco products we can provide for you, we’ll present a brief overview of the major categories of Wesco products.

Drum Handling Equipment from Wesco

If you have large drums in your facility, then you know that these drums can be very heavy and that lifting and transporting them can be a challenge. Their round shape makes them hard to grasp, they can contain heavy fluids or solid materials, and because of their weight, you must find a way to transport them that keeps workers safe and free from the risk of work related injury.

To meet these challenges, Wesco manufactures a complete line of drum handling equipment. When you contact our customer service department and describe your situation, our experts will swiftly recommend the Wesco item that meets your need. It may be as simple as a drum lifter or a drum dolly. Manual and powered trucks are available, too. We can help you choose the features you need, such as the type of wheels, or which motors to choose for powered equipment.

Wesco’s Complete Line of Hand Trucks

Hand trucks can be found everywhere, from homeowner’s garages to large industrial facilities. They are popular because they are affordable, can be very durable, and if chosen properly, can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Wesco makes a complete line of hand trucks. For example, appliance hand trucks are used to easily lift items such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dryers. For vending machines, hand trucks are available that make lifting and transporting these large items very convenient. And for general use, we stock a broad range of standard hand trucks from Wesco.

For whichever type of hand truck you choose, Wesco provides many options you can select from. Our customer service experts can help you pick the right frame materials such as steel, aluminum, or even stainless steel. We can recommend different types of wheels for various load conditions or floor surfaces. If storage space is a problem, we can identify folding, telescoping or collapsible hand trucks that can be tucked away in tight quarters.

Lift Equipment by Wesco

Raising a heavy load up off the ground can be a challenge. Wesco solves that challenge in many ways. At Douglas Equipment, we carry a diverse line of Wesco lift equipment. We can help you choose between manual or powered pallet trucks, and help you understand the advantages of each. We have stackers that can aid you in keeping your warehouse floor organized; and chain hoists and trollies that can lift even the heaviest of loads, and move them from point to point smoothly and safely. Our lift tables from Wesco and its Lexco division may be just the product to streamline your manufacturing operation, by raising a load up to a convenient working height, with the added benefit of being able to roll the load from one location to another. Lift tables can be manual, powered, or incorporate a scissor lift mechanism.

Dock and Shipping Equipment from Wesco

Many customers are familiar with pallet trucks or lift equipment made by Wesco, but don’t realize that Wesco also makes a complete line of equipment for the shipping dock. From strapping systems and trucks, to wire shelving for storing shipping supplies; from pallet pullers and stabilizing jacks, to the strip doors that allow you to move a load from indoors to outdoors, while keeping your indoor air temperature just where you want it – we provide Wesco equipment to help with your receiving and shipping dock.

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The details above show you the categories of Wesco equipment we carry. Each category may have hundreds of different items – and each item is configurable in several different ways. This breadth of product line and flexibility of configuration means that there is a Wesco product just right for you! For help finding it, contact our customer service department today.