The Uses of a Wesco Hydraulic Fork Stacker

The most well organized production and storage facilities make full use of the space that is available to them. This means using height as well as length and width with the installation of shelving. Space is always at a premium when it comes to storage, and if you’re not using your available space as efficiently as you can, then your processes will not run as they could, and you could be wasting money as a result.

Of course, the installation of shelving will present you with a new challenge – getting your items to where they need to be in order to store them successfully. Lifting heavy items above the floor is a real problem if you do not have the proper equipment to perform such a task.

Is a Forklift Truck Your Only Solution?

You may think that the most sensible solution to this issue is the purchase of a forklift truck. However, forklift trucks are expensive to purchase, and operate. They also usually require trained personnel to use them, and maintenance factors add to the costs involved. If only there was an alternative …

Well, there is!

A hydraulic fork stacker is a tool you can use to maneuver items around your warehouse or production facility. When you get your items to where they need to be you can then use the hydraulic lift to raise them off the ground and into position. The items can usually be lifted to a first story position, so if you have a great deal of items on the first story position of your warehouse shelving, then a fork stacker is a great tool to use.

How it Works

Hydraulic fork stackers seldom are capable of lifting items any higher than the first level of your shelving. Because of the way they are constructed, lifting items any higher would likely unbalance the stacker, which would be extremely dangerous. If this is the case, then you may ask yourself why not simply go for forklift trucks, as they are quite capable of lifting items far beyond the first layer of shelving.

A Wesco Hydraulic Fork Stacker – the Perfect Addition to Your Fleet

The answer to the question just posed is that having a mix of forklifts and hydraulic fork stackers is a great idea for your business. If your forklifts are constantly in use, then the time waiting for one to become available may have a direct impact on your production floor’s processing times. You can cut this waiting time by having one or more hydraulic fork stackers available that can be used to take items from floor level or from the first level of shelving to where they need to be.

Additionally, as mentioned before, forklifts are expensive to purchase, expensive to run, expensive to maintain and you need trained personnel in order to run them. Fork stackers are much less expensive to purchase, have no running costs (because they are manual, rather than powered), require only the most basic maintenance, and can be used with only minimum training.

In short, the most convenient and probably the most effective way to run your production or warehouse facility is to have a mix of forklifts and fork stackers. If you’re unsure what would be best for you, don’t forget that our team here at Douglas Equipment is always available for help and advice should you need any.

Wesco – the Go-To Company for Hydraulic Fork Stackers

Here at Douglas Equipment we can supply you with 5 different types of hydraulic fork stackers:

  • Wide Straddle Fork Stacker – A steel-framed fork stacker with phenolic wheels and a load capacity of 1,000 lbs., this unit includes floor locks, safety screens and foot guards as standard. Long forks are offered with adjustable span. It is caster-mounted with hydraulic pumping action for lift. Height: 72.5”
  • Straddle Hydraulic Fork Stacker – Here, you have a choice of three models, all manufactured from steel with phenolic wheels with a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. As with the wide straddle, all models come with floor locks, safety screens, and foot guards. Long forks with adjustable span up to 25” with height options of 75”, 83” or 94” depending upon model.
  • Hydraulic Fork Stacker – Also available in three different model types and made of steel with phenolic wheels and a load capacity of 1,000 lbs. These units feature a one-piece platform guardrail and long forks that span up to 25”. It’s mounted on casters for easy maneuverability with lift provided by a hydraulic pumping action. Height options of 75”, 83”, 94” depending on model.
  • Economy Straddle Hydraulic Fork Stacker – This is a budget option but without any compromise in quality. These units feature steel construction with phenolic wheels and the typical load capacity of 1,000 lbs. Adjustable long forks are available up to 25”. Easy-to-operate hydraulic jack with forks adjustable up to 25”. Height options of 72”, 80
    or 94” are available depending on model chosen (three choices).
  • Economy Hydraulic Stacker – Another relatively inexpensive model but again, no compromise on quality whatsoever. Three models are available in various heights and configurations. The load capacity is a maximum of 1,000 lbs. Steel-made with phenolic wheels and easy to maneuver as caster-mounted. Adjustable span up to a maximum of 25”. Height options include 72”, 80” or 92” based on model selection.

Making the Right Choice When it Comes to a Wesco Hydraulic Fork Stacker

If you count all the Wesco hydraulic fork stacker models we can supply you with here at Douglas Equipment, then you’ll reach thirteen. Each different model has its own unique set of attributes and capabilities, so it’s extremely important that you make the correct selection for your business. Why not reach out to our team today for help? We’ll assist you in making the perfect choice – the right selection that is guaranteed to enhance and improve the way that your company runs.

To contact us, simply call 1-800-451-0030, or use our online contact form and we’ll follow up as soon as possible.