The Material-Handling and Caster Manufacturers of Douglas Equipment

5 Surprising Facts About Material Handling EquipmentHere at Douglas Equipment, we are always quick to tell you about all the many excellent manufacturers whose products we can supply our customers with. Here are some of the top material-handling and caster manufacturers that we work with on a daily basis:

Material-Handling Equipment Manufacturers


Established in 1923 and based in East Syracuse, New York, Morse describes themselves as a ‘Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment’. The company provides 55-gallon drum handling solutions and can even supply forklift attachments and heavy-duty models that can handle drums as large as 2,500 lbs. in weight!

Morse is always attentive to customer service needs, and offers excellent product support. Each and every product manufactured by Morse is engineered to the highest standards possible, often exceeding industry expectations. In short, if your business involves the handling of drums, then you need Morse equipment in your warehouse.

Products provided include: Drum Lifters, Fork Lift Attachments, Drum Trucks, Drum Dollies, Drum Tumblers, Drum Rackers, Drum Palletizers, Drum Rollers and more.


From humble beginnings Wesco has become one of the largest manufacturers of material handling equipment in the world, as well as providing multiple business solutions to all sectors of the manufacturing industry. Annually, they make over $7.5 billion dollars. This just goes to show that they must be doing something right!

Based in Pittsburgh, the company supplies jobs to over 10,000 citizens, and maintains successful business relationships with over 25,000 suppliers dealing with over 8,000 customers. A real success story that has its roots in the great United States of America!

Products provided include: Hand Trucks, Pallet Jacks, Drum Handling Equipment, Lift Equipment, Platform Trucks, Platform Carts, Platform Dollies, Dock and Shipping Equipment and more.

B&P Manufacturing

This company can be said to be one of the premier manufacturers of hand trucks and other items of material handling equipment in the United States. This company has been in business since 1943. They continue to strive to make improvements in what they do, and are always looking for ways in which they can invest in new technologies.

Based in Cadillac, Michigan, B&P Manufacturing is committed to the design and production of the best quality aluminum material handling equipment that’s available anywhere. They constantly exceed customer expectations, and are continually going the extra yard to improve their processes.

Products provided include: Hand Trucks, Bulk Delivery Systems, Platform Trucks, Pallet Dollies, Wheel Ramps, Dock Plates, Dock Boards, Ramps, Rack and more.

Bluff Manufacturing, Inc.

A company that’s based in Fort Worth, Texas, Bluff Manufacturing is a leading provider of aluminum and steel boards and plates, plus yard ramps and safety equipment for warehouses throughout the USA and beyond. They also ship to Canada, South America and Central America. They have some impressive names as regular customers, including Ford, Exxon, FedEx and General Motors.

They began as a small, local company in 1968 in Fort Worth and swiftly expanded to supply solutions all across Texas and eventually beyond. All their products are made to the strictest industry standards, and their commitment to their customers cannot be faulted.

Products provided include: Ramps, Dock Boards, Dock Plates, Rail Boards, Dock Levelers, Steel Platforms, Mezzanines, Stairways, Landings, Ladders and more.

Caster Manufacturers


Shepherd is the manufacturer of some of the highest quality and most reliable casters available anywhere in the world. They use the latest design technologies, and they undertake a strategic approach to make sure they manufacture their casters in areas where the demand is the highest.

All Shepherd casters are strictly lab-tested and their in-house capabilities ensure that all of their products meet or even exceed the most stringent industry standards. If you are looking for casters that will never, ever let you down, then you cannot go wrong with the casters as made by Shepherd.

Products provided include: Regent, Eclipse, Omega, Monarch, Baron, General Duty, Heavy Duty Industrial, Dual Wheel, Ultima and more.


There’s hardly any doubt about it – Colson is one of the biggest manufacturers of casters anywhere in the world. In business since 1885, it has been Colson’s products that have helped define the caster and wheel creation industry the most – they are simply the most trusted manufacturers of high-quality casters available absolutely anywhere.

Colson actually began life as the manufacturer of tricycles (popular in the 1880s!) and eventually moved onto bicycles and then casters. This company certainly knows a thing or two about wheels! An investment in Colson Casters is certainly an exceptional decision.

Products provided include 1 Series, L Series, 2 Series, G Series, 7 Series Enforcer, Specialty Casters and more.


Blickle has been making high-quality casters and wheels since 1953, and are now regarded as one of the best manufacturers of casters outside of the USA. They are based in Rosenfeld, Germany, but since their formation they have opened business locations all over the world, including all across Europe and North America.

Blickle claims that their goal is a simple one: “to produce the best wheel or best caster for every possible application.” – it’s a goal they steadfastly attain, day after day.

Products provided include Light Duty Casters, Synthetic Casters, Rubber Wheel Casters, Pneumatic Tyre Casters, Flanged Wheel Casters and more.


Founded as the ‘Perfect Manufacturing Company’ in 1921, Darnell’s casters have for a long period been understood to be the best casters available when it comes to superior quality and outstanding performance. Their models typically have high-impact strength and are excellent at resisting abrasions.

Darnell-Rose casters will keep your equipment rolling, even under the most extreme of conditions.

Products provided include 60 Series, 70 Series, 80 Series, A100 Series and more.

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