Mail and Office Cart Distributor in Miami, Fl

Mail and Office Cart Distributor in Miami, FlFor a large office there is no piece of office equipment more useful than the mail or office cart. These useful and versatile items allow you to easily transport files or mail without worrying about whether files are being mixed or lost.

Wire Office Carts: The Backbone of Mail Delivery

Wire office carts are ideal for carrying hanging both legal and letter files, mail, packages and tools. With a top and bottom table and removable baskets, these carts can be used for many different office transport applications.

Wesco Industrial Products Inc. makes three sizes of these mail delivery carts so that you can choose the right one for your office needs. All have two tables with removable baskets, fixed wheels at the back and swivel casters at the front for easy maneuverability and steering.

Standard Compact Office Cart

With a top basket of 25” by 17.25” by 11” and a lower basket of 25” by 17.25” by 7.5” this cart has enough storage for any small office environment.

Fixed wheels are 4” hard rubber with 4” hard rubber swivel casters providing an overall capacity of 200 pounds.

Overall dimensions are 20” by 37.5” by 33” and a total weight of 41 pounds.

Deluxe Compact Office Cart

For the mid-sized office, this cart also has a top basket sized at 25” by 17.25” by 11” and a lower basket size of 25” by 17.25” by 7.5”.

While the capacity is also 200 pounds the difference is in the wheels.

The fixed back wheels are 10” semi-pneumatic and the front swivel casters are 5” hard rubber. If you need to use this cart in both an office and factory floor setting the larger wheels make for easier rolling on less smooth surfaces.

Overall cart weight is 49 pounds with overall dimensions of 23.75” by 38.25” by 33.5”.

Deluxe Large Office Cart

Larger offices will want to consider the deluxe office cart. This cart has a top basket sized at 36” by 17.25” by 11” and a lower basket size of 36” by 17.25” by 7.5”. The longer baskets mean higher capacity, and the total weight capacity for this unit is 250 pounds.

Fixed wheels are 10” semi-pneumatic and the front swivel casters are 5” hard rubber.

Cart dimensions are 23.75” by 38.5” by 43” with an overall weight of 62 pounds.

Other Useful Office Carts and Caddies

Also by Wesco are several other carts and caddies that are uniquely useful for the office. These unique pieces of equipment can make it easy to transport office equipment and can even serve as a temporary workstation when locked in place.

Office Cady

The Wesco office caddy is a multi-purpose service truck useful for offices. The cart converts easily into three different useful applications; 2 wheel truck, 4 wheel truck and 4 wheel truck table. In all, there are seven possible positions in which to use the truck.

An oak color top with a vinyl edge makes this an attractive and durable utility cart.

The caddy comes equipped with 8” by 1.75” wheels that are easy roll semi-pneumatic; and for four wheel applications there are two additional 2.5” hard rubber swivel casters.

The table size is 19” by 23.5”, with capacities of 200 pounds for the 2 wheel truck, 400 pounds for the four wheel truck and 100 pounds as the four wheel table.

Handle height is 55”, deck height is 32” and the collapsed size is 11.5” for storage.

Overall dimensions are 19” by 55” by 18” with a weight of 42 pounds.

Foldaway Table Top Cart

The foldaway table top cart is ideal for transporting instruments and office equipment, and folds easily for storage. With an upper table and a lower basket this unit allows for easy movement of equipment with all the accessory cables to go with it.

The tabletop measures 28” by 19” and has a laminate surface and vinyl edge for excellent durability and wear resistance. The lower basket measures 21” by 13” with shallow sides for easy access.

Capacity of the cart is 200 pounds with deck height of 28.75” and a collapsed size of only 6” for storage.

Four swiveled ball bearing casters provide easy rolling at 4” diameter and great maneuverability.

Overall cart dimensions are 19” by 28.75” by 28” and a weight of 32 pounds.

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