Find Heavy Duty Casters Online

If you’re reading this in your office, then the chances are you’re sitting down. If you’re sitting on an office chair, then it probably wouldn’t surprise you at all if you looked down and saw you were being supported by a chair on casters. You might think that these are the only types of casters available – well, you couldn’t be more wrong!Find Heavy Duty Casters Online

Just like human beings, casters come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and load-bearing capacities. In fact, there are probably millions of possible caster combinations when you factor in the size of the wheel, the caster material, the type of tread, whether the frame is swivel or fixed, and all the possible dimensions. Finding the right caster online – especially if you require your casters to fulfill heavy-duty needs – can be problematic.

What to Consider When You’re Looking for Heavy Duty Casters Online

Finding the right caster for your specific needs can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. There are a huge amount of online retailers available, and not every one of them is as dedicated to providing the best services to you as our team at Douglas Equipment. Sales personnel are usually more interested in making sales rather than helping their customers find the right product.

At Douglas Equipment we take a different approach. We’re not just interested in sales. We’re interested in establishing a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you. We’ll be delighted to help you out, and especially so if you’re looking to buy heavy-duty casters online in bulk.

Making purchases online can have its disadvantages, the biggest of which will be the lack of opportunity you will have to ‘try before you buy’. It’s important to only source from an online company that really knows their product, especially if you are buying in bulk. You don’t want to be left with a whole heap of casters that you can’t use, or having to go through a complicated, lengthy and profit-eating returns process. This is why it’s so important to partner with a caster distributor like Douglas Equipment that has access to the top caster manufacturers in the world and stands behind each and every sale, regardless of size.

There are several advantages to purchasing online. For a start, prices tend to be lower, especially if you are buying in bulk, and doubly especially if you are purchasing on a wholesale basis.

How the Wheel is the Most Important Part of the Caster

Knowledge is a powerful thing, so if you arm yourself with knowledge about the specific type (or application) of caster you are seeking, then you are much more likely to come away with a suitable purchase that you’ll be happy with.

When it comes to heavy-duty casters, the most popular types are manufactured from either polyurethane or polyolefin. These are hard-working, tough materials that produce durable casters that will never let you down. They are also ideal in environments where noise-pollution can be a problem, such as medical facilities or offices, as you do not get the ‘squeak’ as you often do from poorly lubricated metal casters. They’re also non-marking, although you can really nail-down any non-marking properties by investing in soft rubber tread for your casters.

Casters for an Increased Load Capacity

If you are looking for reliable casters that add durability and increase load capacity, then materials such as polyurethane are not suitable. Plastics are always a decent option for casters, but not for heavy loads as under repeated strain they will eventually fail. For repeated heavy-duty use, you need to go down the metal path, with both cast iron and steel being perfectly reasonable options. If you need to transport heavy loads, then iron or steel are really your only options.

Consider the Rated Capacities of Casters Before Making a Purchase

While it is a simple process to purchase heavy-duty casters online, it’s not actually that easy to find casters that have the perfect rated capacity that enables you to get the job done. When it comes to heavy-duty casters, such casters typically start with a load capacity approaching 250 lbs. Such a capacity is fine perhaps for office environments or medical environments, but they are going to be a little lacking when it comes to busy warehouses or production facilities. The rated capacity of casters within such working environments often needs to be much higher.

The next level of heavy-duty casters can typically deal with loads up to around 400 lbs. Thankfully, if this is your typical load capacity then you will still have a choice from a huge number of potential caster candidates and all at prices that will not eat too greedily into your profit margins.

Shop Smart – Buy in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

No one has of yet designed the perfect caster that lasts forever. That means that you will need replacement casters on a fairly regular basis, even if your initial need is relatively small. There’s nothing worse than having a vital piece of equipment out of commission because one of the casters is no longer rolling, and you’re having to wait for replacements. Having a regular supply of replacement casters is always an excellent idea.

You will save money buying in bulk, anyhow, particularly from a wholesale company. Wholesalers are not retailers – they don’t have to worry about pristine shop premises and employing well-trained customer-facing staff. This means that their overhead is often lower and they can offer their products at cost-effective prices which means your business will save important amounts of cash!

Choose Douglas Equipment – An Online Wholesale Caster Supplier You Can Trust

Our extensive online catalog is available and is stocked with names from all the best in the business – Colson, Shepherd, Albion, Algood, Blickle, and many others. Our team at Douglas Equipment only provides casters from the best names in the business. You’re assured of receiving the very best quality heavy-duty casters that your hard-earned cash can buy!

You can speak to a member of our support team if you have questions about your purchase, or if you just want general advice about choosing the best caster for your unique application. Contact us by phone toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, or by using our online contact form on our website. We look forward to supplying your material handling equipment needs for many years to come.