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Equipment for Moving Furniture: What Will You Need?

Equipment for Moving Furniture: What Will You Need?Moving furniture is a task that must happen from time to time, and the perfect piece of equipment can help make this task quick and efficient. If you have furniture that is always being moved around, it is best to find the right casters to permanently attach to those pieces. But if you are only occasionally moving the item, there are some helpful pieces of equipment that can make this much less of a chore and help you avoid back injuries commonly associated with this task.

Dollies: One of the Most Versatile Furniture Movers

Dollies are one of the most basic pieces of material handling equipment, but versatile in their simplicity. Instead of directly attaching casters to your furniture, you can simply place the piece on the dolly platform. You will need to make sure that the maximum capacity of the casters can handle the weight of the item you want to place on it. But dollies are the perfect solution for moving large furniture like tables and couches.

Steel Deck Machine Dolly Model

This basic machine dolly from Wesco has a solid steel construction with 2” steel wheels to provide great strength and durability. The unit is 8.5” by 11.75” with a height of 2.5”, which makes it great for placing under furniture that needs to be easily moved. The unit itself weighs 11.84 pounds but holds an enormous capacity of 10,000 pounds. An optional steering handle is also available.

Hand Trucks: For Upright Furniture, They Can’t be Beat

For moving tall furniture such as shelving, cabinets or tall appliances, a hand truck is the simplest tool you can find. By placing the nose plate of the hand truck under the tall furniture you can then tilt the hand truck back on the wheels and maneuver the furniture around as you wish. Hand trucks have fantastic maneuverability and some come with two additional kick out legs, giving four in total, to better support heavier loads.

Harper 700# 26T19 Hand Truck

Manufactured with 1 ¼” tubular steel, this hand truck is equipped with a continuous frame with a loop handle that offers push, pull or lift options, and the hand truck has a capacity of 700 pounds. The heavy steel fenders are also available to prevent rubbing on the wheels. Unit dimensions: Height 50”, Width 23”, Base Plate 7” X 18” with 10” pneumatic wheels. Other wheel types are also available.

Platform Trucks: Great for Moving Many Small Items

If you are moving many smaller items, such as several smaller cabinets, then a platform truck might just be the tool you need. With a large platform surface and four casters, often two fixed and two swivel for great maneuverability, these carts can carry large loads, allow for strapping the loads for safe transport, and include a handle for easy steering.

Wesco Steel Bound Wood Platform Truck

This platform truck has an all steel frame with a wood platform. Platform sizes include 24” by 48”, 27” by 54”, 30” by 60” and 36” by 72”. A removable handle is also included. The unit comes with four casters — two fixed at the front and two swivel casters at the rear — but the choice of casters should ultimately be selected based on your need. One option is mold-on rubber casters that are 2” wide for smooth rolling and turning. The capacity of the truck will vary depending on the type of caster chosen, from as little as 1,200 pounds to as much as 2,200 pounds structural capacity.

Specialty Equipment for Office Relocations

If you are organizing an office relocation and need to move a number of desks then you will want to look into the Wesco desk mover. This handy piece of material handling equipment is designed to allow you to relocate a desk quickly and easily without even emptying the desk drawers. For this special operation, consider the following invaluable tool to improve your efficiency.

Wesco Desk Mover

The Wesco Desk mover allows you to lift a desk and roll it into position without clearing the top off or emptying the drawers. The easy operation allows you to roll the vinyl coated lift rack under the desk, pump the desk up and then simply roll it away.

The vinyl coated lift rack prevents damage to the desk and holds the desk to prevent slipping. The optional Pedestal Adapter allows you to move desks with a single pedestal with ease.

The unit will automatically lock in the raised position for safety, and has a capacity of 600 pounds.

There are three units available, all with dimensions of width 31.75”, height 39.5” and depth of 23”. The difference in the units is the caster size and the raised and lowered height for different sized tables.

The three sizes are:

  • Raised height 9.75” / lowered height 4.25” and 2.5” casters
  • Raised height 10.25” / lowered height 4.75” and 3” casters
  • Raised height 11.25” / lowered height 6” with casters of 4”.

These desk movers weight 44 pounds, 45 pounds and 46 pounds respectively.

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