Aluminum Hand Truck: The Wesco Standard

Aluminum Hand Truck: The Wesco StandardDouglas Equipment has been serving material-handling needs across the industry since 1955. Throughout the years we have aligned ourselves with the most reputable manufacturers of casters, dollies, trucks and more, who have proven track records for giving our customers the highest level of satisfaction with their equipment investments.

One of these companies has been in the material handling business even longer than we have: Wesco, who has been manufacturing top-quality trucks, dollies, carts, and lift equipment since 1948. Wesco’s innovative designs and durable construction have set the industry standard for safe, dependable material handling, a standard that is exemplified in their line of aluminum dollies and hand trucks.

The lighter weight and the toughness of the aluminum construction, along with the ease of use engineered into the products, ensures that the operator’s energies aren’t spent struggling with their cargo or prematurely tiring their muscles from the added weight of the equipment. Aluminum can take a beating in rugged work environments without getting bent out of shape or breaking down. Douglas Equipment is proud to recommend the following Wesco aluminum handtrucks.

Wesco Cobra Junior and Cobra Senior Aluminum Convertible Trucks

The Cobra Junior and Senior aluminum hand trucks convert smoothly and easily from an upright 2-wheel to a horizontal 4-wheel position thanks to a release pedal that is welded onto the latch for added strength. Both the Cobra Junior and Senior feature an 18-inch-wide beveled cast aluminum nose plate for handling larger loads, while the Junior’s frame is 12 inches wide and 38 inches tall, and the Senior’s is 12 inches wide by 50.75 inches tall. The Junior features dual non-slip hand grips for improved control, while the Senior’s continuous handle allows you more ways to control your load.

Both models feature non-marking 5″ x 1.25″ swivel casters and handle a capacity of 600 pounds in 2-wheel mode and 1,200 pounds in 4-wheel mode. Options include a slip-resistant diamond-pattern solid deckplate, 42 inches long for the Cobra Junior and 55 inches long for the Senior, as well as a folding nose kit in 20- or 30-inch models. Both trucks come with a 2-year warranty as your assurance that the Cobra is a superior-quality American-made product.

CobraPro Battery-Powered Aluminum Convertible Hand Trucks

For those of you who like a power assist option when you’re pushing a hand truck, Wesco’s CobraPro has got you covered. Available in Junior and Senior models, the CobraPro boasts a high-torque, rechargeable battery-powered drive system to haul your heavy loads over long distances, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. The power drive works in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel positions and handles going up standard truck ramps. Easily control your speed with your fingertips, and the variable throttle handles every application and controls descent down ramps. The full 10-inch pneumatic tires keep this truck rolling over rougher terrains.

Both the Junior and the Senior models have a capacity of 600 pounds in 2-wheel mode and 1,200 pounds in 4-wheel mode. On a 17-degree ramp, 4-wheel capacity reduces to a still impressive 950 pounds. The battery module and drive unit can be removed to use this truck manually, but once you see for yourself how much easier the battery-powered drive makes your work, talking yourself into disconnecting it will be hard to do.

Aluminum Appliance Truck

This lightweight but tough aluminum truck is fully welded for maximum strength and durability. Choose between auto-rewind or manual belt-tightening systems for stabilizing your appliance. The MRC model trucks measure 30.5 inches from nose plate to center of belt, while the M2RC models measure 29.5 inches from nose plate to the center of the lower belt, and 50.5 inches to the center of the top belt for wrangling those larger appliances. This series’ 10 models carry capacities ranging from 500 to 750 pounds. An advantage of this aluminum appliance truck is the Super Wheel option, which converts a 2-wheel truck to a 4-wheel truck by adding 10-inch pneumatic rear wheels that handle rough terrain easily.

Cobra-Lite Design Your Own Hand Truck

Need a general-purpose hand truck, but none of the prefabricated models quite meet your specifications? Design your own Cobra-Lite aluminum hand truck. The Cobra-Lite line of hand trucks is lightweight and can handle loads up to 600 pounds. There are 4 models in the series, each with different handles, frames, nose plates, and wheels. If you like what you see in the Cobra-Lite series but want to mix and match the parts, here is how you can design your own hand truck:

Pick a handle. Choices:

  • Continuous, with or without vinyl grip
  • Twin
  • Pin
  • Loop
  • Super D or Deep D

Choose your frame: straight or curved, based on the most common contours of your freight.
Select a nose plate. Options:

  • Cast: More Economical: 14 x 7.5 or 18 x 7.5 inches
  • Extruded: More Durable: 14 x 7.625, 16 x 12, or 18 x 7.625 inches

Choose your wheels:

  • 8 x 1-5/8” Aluminum core with moldon rubber tire
  • Steel offset hub:
  • 10” pneumatic with three-piece rim and hub assembly
  • 10 by 3 inch Carefree Microcellular (will not go flat)
  • Poly offset hub, 10 inch by 2.75 inch with solid rubber tire
  • 8” HD Aluminum core supersoft and bouncy balloon
  • 10” HD Aluminum core supersoft and bouncy balloon

Add any options you want:

  • Strap: Center strap option that keeps smaller items from falling through frame
  • Height Extension, used with continuous or dual handle
  • Raise freight height to 52”, 60” or as high as 68”
  • Folding Nose Extension: 20” or 30” long for deeper boxes, or simply handling two columns of freight at once
  • Stair glide or climber options:
  • Deluxe cast aluminum stair guides, with or without wearstrip
  • Steel stair glides with wearstrip
  • Continuous belt roller bearing stair climbers (for 8-inch wheels only)
  • Wheel Brake

Questions? Call Us!

The experts here at Douglas Equipment will be glad to help you decide if a Wesco aluminum hand truck is right for you. Contact us online, or if you’re local to South Florida, call us at 305-888-3700. National customers can call us at 800-451-0030.