5 Go-To Resources for Colson Casters

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-24-55-amWhen Douglas Equipment began supplying casters and material handling equipment to customers in the mid-1950s, Colson Casters, a company that can trace its roots back to 1885, had already been in operations for 70 years! Colson started off small; grew to be quite a large company by the time Douglas Equipment was founded in 1955; and has become an even larger force in the industry since then.

Colson Casters now offers tens of thousands of casters, wheels and related products. It is part of the larger Colson Group, which includes many of the leading caster companies located in the United States, and many other great companies around the world. The combined product offerings, either sold directly as part of Colson Casters or under other names that are part of the Colson Group, total well over 400,000 items.

In addition to its extensive product line, Colson offers its customers unique services not provided by many of its competitors, such as 3D Modeling, and custom engineering capabilities.

Big company versus small – Colson Casters offers the best of both worlds. It provides many advantages that only large companies can offer, such as its extensive product line; and like a small company might do, it makes services available to individual customers.

It might seem overwhelming – hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, as well as special services offered – but rest assured, Douglas Equipment is your go-to resource for navigating through this extensive product line.

We want to reassure you that you’re getting outstanding caster products. At Douglas Equipment, we’ll show you how to choose the services Colson offers, select items from their broad product line, and get the perfect caster for your needs.

Individualized Services from Colson Casters

Even though Colson is a large company, it offers extensive resources and personalized services to its individual customers.

As part of their website resources, Colson has a 3D modeling program with interactive CAD models available for download in native formats. You can use this program to construct a Colson caster to your exact specifications. You can view the model in 3-D on your computer screen, download it if you wish, and import it into your design program. Once you’re satisfied with the model you have created, you can even request a quote for it.

If you have an application for casters that involves solving a difficult problem, and an off-the-shelf caster won’t work for you, Colson offers custom engineering capabilities. The process starts with our customer service representatives at Douglas Equipment working with you to understand your requirements. We then collaborate with the engineers at Colson to design and produce a caster that will perform superbly in your challenging application.

The resources Colson provides – online, in print, or in person – make it easier than ever before to design and specify casters that perfectly match the requirements for your particular situation.

Benefits of Working with a Large Company

Jonesboro, Arkansas is home to the Colson Casters manufacturing plant, a 150,000 square-foot facility. More than 35,000 different wheels, casters, and rubber bumpers are made at this plant alone. When you add the products made at other caster companies operating under the supervision of the Colson Group, both in America and around the world, the total number of product offerings reaches the 400,000 mark mentioned at the beginning of this article.

By operating on such a large scale, Colson has been able to develop resources that are simply unavailable at many smaller companies like the following resources:

  1. Specialized Laboratories – Casters can be subject to extremely demanding conditions. To ensure that their casters deliver lasting performance, Colson tests their products in laboratories designed to create punishing conditions and harsh environments. Colson has been able to take the knowledge gained from their laboratory testing and build products that meet the highest standards of quality control.
  1. Engineering Department – With a large number of dedicated design engineers in its Engineering Department, Colson is constantly developing new general-purpose caster lines. Colson’s engineers also work on custom products for individual clients, developing casters for specific applications – some of which are so useful that they become standard products.
  1. Computer-Controlled Manufacturing – Colson has the resources to continuously improve its manufacturing processes and build products to the highest quality standards. A good example of this is Colson’s extensive use of manufacturing systems that are computer-controlled. This practice helps to eliminate undesirable variations in products, and ensures that customers receive consistently well-made products.
  1. Local Manufacturing – Colson Casters manufactures more caster products in the United States than many other companies do. This helps with product consistency, ensures a quick response to orders placed, and aids on-time delivery.
  1. Worldwide Caster Companies – Because we are an authorized distributor for Colson Casters, Douglas Equipment is able to carry casters from all the companies in the Colson Group. Shepherd Caster, Albion Industries, MedCaster and the Jarvis Caster Company are some of the well-known American companies in the Colson Group. We also represent Revvo, Rhombus, and Logic Wheel Industry Inc., which are some of the Colson Group’s international companies.

By utilizing all of 5 resources listed above, Colson is able to design and manufacture casters that are superior in performance.

Your Go-To Guide to Colson Casters – Douglas Equipment!

Colson Casters is an outstanding company which has been developing its expertise in casters for more than 100 years. From its start as a small company in 1885 growing through the beginnings of the 20th century, surviving the Great Depression, and continuing to grow ever since, it has truly become a premier provider of outstanding caster products.

Because the number of standard products Colson offers is so large, and the engineering services Colson offers for custom products are so extensive, it can be difficult to know about all of the products and services available – or even where to begin searching!

Fortunately, the material handling professionals at Douglas Equipment are experts at helping customers navigate Colson’s resources. To learn more, please call us at 800-451-0030 (or 305-888-3700 in the Miami area). You may also use our online contact form. We look forward to helping you!