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German manufactured Blickle has a full line of wheels and casters with special dimensions for the American market. We carry a wide selection of casters across all three load capacity categories of Blickle USA Casters – Blickle light duty wheels and casters, Blickle wheels and casters for transport equipment, and Blickle heavy-duty wheels and casters.

As a Blickle distributor, we carry the top Blickle casters including:

  • Light duty casters
  • Synthetic casters
  • Institutional casters
  • Industrial casters
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Spring-loaded casters
  • Heat-resistant casters
  • Pneumatic casters
  • Leveling casters
  • Drum casters
  • Dead Man’s Brake casters
  • Polyurethane casters

  • Nylon casters
  • Polypropylene casters
  • Cast iron casters
  • Steel casters
  • Flanged casters
  • Stainless steel casters
  • Super-elastic casters
  • Swivel casters
  • Fixed casters
  • Transport casters
  • Electrically Conductive casters
  • Antistatic Casters