Furniture Handling Equipment from Wesco

Moving furniture will never be coFurniture Handling Equipment from Wesconsidered a fun time, or a great hobby, but it can be made a bit more enjoyable with the right equipment. While most people associate moving furniture with nothing more than heavy lifting, manual labor, and walking backwards down a few flights of stairs, our company, Douglas Equipment, sell a wide number of tools that can be the process a bit less painful, a bit easier to complete, and a bit less tiring overall. From platform dollies to cables and more, there is a lot of furniture handling equipment that will help ease the burden of a big move.

Moving Furniture: Put it on Wheels and Make the Process a Bit Smoother

One of the best products for those who are about to move a large amount of furniture is the rubber end dolly. This important piece of equipment is actually a wooden platform that has rubber cushions on the two raised ends of the platform itself. Those rubber cushions help to protect furniture from the damaging scuffs and scrapes that are often associated with typical wooden dollies and hand trucks. Combined with non-marking wheels and a pretty high maximum weight capacity, these dollies well help move furniture with minimal lifting — just a quick push will get the job done.

Best of all, a wide variety of wheel sizes and types are available for order, so the dolly can be easily adapted to a number of different tasks — and a number of different types of furniture. Customers merely need to know their requirements ahead of time, and they’ll end up with a dolly that can turn their tough moving process into an easy and enjoyable job.

Accessories and Ties Will Make the Difference When Handling Furniture

Of course, there’s more to moving furniture than merely putting it on wheels and pushing or pulling it between locations. Many larger pieces of furniture will require ties and cables in order to keep it in place, lift or lower it into place, and perform other tasks. Luckily, plenty of options are available.

Douglas Equipment offers a number of nylon ties that can be used to hold the furniture in place while it’s being transported in a vehicle. Other ties help to keep furniture attached and in place, protecting its structural integrity during the big move. These essential cables must be used during the moving process if furniture is expected to arrive at a new location in the same condition it was when it left the original locale.

Douglas Equipment Has the Right Selection for Any Job

Just as important as the moving process itself is the company who’s supplying the tools to get the job done. Customers who choose our company are treated to industry-leading products, excellent prices, and highly knowledgeable sales and support staff. They’ll get access to durable products and accessories, backed up by industry-leading casters and wheels, making the big move a small job. For those customers who are about to move and handle furniture, there is simply no better option than Douglas Equipment. Contact an expert today!