Furniture Handling Equipment from Wesco

Furniture Handling Equipment from WescoIf you move furniture on a regular basis as a hobby, then you might need to re-think your options. However, if you do it as part of your business then that’s much more understandable, simply because it’s such a tough task that it makes no sense to do it for anything other than profit!

There are many different types of furniture of course, but all the most common types have one thing in common – they are heavy! Couches, cabinets, desks … they’re all usually both bulky and heavy, which means that manual handling is no fun at all. Moving heavy items of furniture without some type of material handling equipment is just too back-breaking to even think about!

Moving Furniture Tips … Add Traction to Make Things Easier

Since stone-age times the human race has managed to work out that adding wheels to any large item makes the transportation process a great deal easier, and this simple tactic is the way forwards (in more ways than one!) when it comes to lugging furniture around a facility or warehouse.

Please don’t think you have to hammer wheels and axles to your pieces of furniture in order to make them mobile, or mount them permanently on casters (although that is an ideal solution if items of furniture are moved on a regular basis). All you need is a simple platform truck and maybe some lifting equipment (or a team of strong employees).

The Open Deck Wood Dolly with Rubber Ends from Wesco,The Ideal Choice

We’re often supplying our customers with products from Wesco – the premier manufacturer of material handling equipment in the USA. We like to be thought of the best customer service provider when it comes to material handling equipment, and we can rest easy in the knowledge that if we provide our customers with products from Wesco, then they’ll be more than satisfied.

For the safe and secure movement of large items of furniture we recommend the open deck wood dolly with rubber ends from Wesco. This is a simple, budget-conscious device that’s manufactured from strong seasoned hardwood with rubber ends. Your large items of furniture can be lifted on to this dolly with the rubber ends providing valuable safety against scratching or other damage.

The Specs

The frame measures 31” by 18”, and come with a choice of casters – 3” hard rubber swivel casters or 4” hard plastic casters (the larger the caster the greater the support and the easier the roll). No matter the size of caster you choose, the dolly has a capacity of 900 lbs.

Storage of this item will not be a problem as it weighs only 17 lbs. and has a minimal height of 3”, meaning it can be stored away easily when not needed. This item can also be supplied with an optional eye hook and tow handle as well.

Making the Job Easier – The Little Extras You’ll Need

Naturally, moving your furniture is simply not a case of lifting it onto a dolly and then setting it in motion. Typically, furniture is designed to remain in one place and not to be moved about here, there and everywhere. This means that furniture and transportation are not the very best of friends. To keep yourself, your employees and the items you move around safe and secure, you will need the necessary ties and cables to do a safe and secure job.

In addition to safety, if your furniture is being transported across large distances it will typically suffer a long and bumpy ride (something that furniture is not designed to do). Long journeys can be very stressful for items of furniture in terms of their internal integrity (i.e. shelves bowing and warping because of transportation stresses), so it’s important that you take precautions to reduce the potential stress suffered by your items of furniture during any journey.

You can do this by using ties and cables. You can tie the items to the interior supports of your material handling equipment, and you can bind your furniture around important structural points (such as shelving or drawer areas) to help reduce stress. It’s important that no damage is done though when you are affixing your furniture in this manner. Contact Douglas Equipment for the best advice regarding these matters, and for the best accessories we have available.

Wesco – Your Top Resource for All Furniture Handling Related Items

With the products we can supply for you that are manufactured by Wesco, the majority of them – suitable for furniture moving – are platform trucks, dollies and rollers. Wesco manufactures a substantial array of these items from all types of materials and metals and with all types of capabilities.

Wesco has an excellent reputation for their wide range of platform trucks and dollies. These items are especially useful when it comes to furniture transportation as your items can simply be loaded on them and a quick shove (when secured) will set them in motion. Safe and secure transportation is both easy and reliable when you use Wesco’s products.

Naturally, it can seem a bit bewildering with the full range of items that are available to you, especially if you have not been in the business very long. What’s best for your company depends upon what you do, how much you do it, and how far you transport items.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you need any advice upon any matter regarding Wesco’s products or any of the products that we can supply for you here at Douglas Equipment, then we’d be more than happy to hear from you. Our sales support team knows our products inside and out, and is all perfectly capable of providing you with pertinent and useful advice.

To set things in motion, simply give us a call at 1-800-451-0030 or use the online contact form that’s available for use here.