Buying Wesco Hand Trucks in Bulk

Buying Wesco Handtrucks in BulkWhen it comes to buying hand trucks, there are few brands that are as versatile and durable as
Wesco. The company has a number of options that include traditional stand-up models,
convertible models, and even so-called “stair climbing” hand trucks used for transporting and
lifting appliances. While Wesco itself is committed to affordability with every product it sells,
only distributors like Douglas Equipment can offer excellent deals when the company’s hand
trucks are bought in bulk. Our extensive inventory of Wesco hand trucks is an added benefit,
ensuring that none of our customers will have to endure a prolonged wait for an essential product
for their business.

Give Company Employees the Right Tools for the Job

One of the most common ways that businesses limit their efficiency and productivity is by
coming up short when employees need access to the right tools for completing a task. Businesses
will often buy just a few hand trucks, or other products, and they typically assume that
employees will delegate tasks and share the equipment. This might be the case in an ideal
scenario, but more seasoned business owners know that a shortage of equipment can lead
directly to lower levels of productivity on the job.

We don’t want any of our customers to make compromises or sacrifices when choosing hand
trucks that will help their employees get the job done quickly. That’s why we’re committed to
maintaining a large and impressive inventory of Wesco hand trucks; we typically take bulk
orders for the company’s products from our customers, and we’re committed to providing quick
delivery of every order we’re trusted with.

Plenty of Deals for Bulk Buying

Best of all, buying in bulk can often save companies money when they need to purchase
equipment like hand trucks. While this essential equipment is always affordable, it is certainly
not “cheap” when large quantities are being purchased. Choosing to buy Wesco hand trucks in
bulk will allow companies to reap a slight discount on their order, and that can make all the
difference in an era when budgets only seem to be getting tighter.

At Douglas Equipment, we know just how tight budgets can be and how important it is for us to
offer a great deal to each of our customers. That’s why we’re committed to talking about each
customer’s needs — from the equipment they require to the amount they wish to spend — while
tailoring the perfect bulk order for each of them.

See What Can Do for You

Douglas Equipment is a leading supplier of casters and other industrial equipment to a large
array of commercial customers. Our growth has always been based on our unique understanding
of business owners, our commitment to a diverse line of products, and the ability for our
customers to order as few — or as many — pieces of equipment as they need. To find out what we
can do for your business, be sure to contact us today and speak to one of our professionals.